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Luther Vandross passed away

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Very sad news tonight. It seems he never fully recovered from his stroke in 2003. American music has lost a legend.

ETA: Added link.
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Originally Posted by okeefecl
Very sad news tonight. It seems he never fully recovered from his stroke in 2003. American music has lost a legend.
I had heard this a couple of hours ago and was so shocked! I absolutely loved his voice. My favorite of his songs was "Dance With My Father Again".

Oddly he died in JFK Hospital located in Edison, NJ. I live 5 miles from that hospital.

May he find peace as we found in his songs.
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Oh my that is so sad! We have deffinatley lost a legend.
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Way too soon for him to go Very sad.
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"If you believe in forever, then life is just a one night stand". from The Song... Rock & Roll Heaven
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He was one of the best... My mum had all of his albums. All classics now.
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Very sad. But they said he "never fully recovered from a stroke two years ago," so as we say about our beloved fur friends -- I'm sure he's happy & whole again now.
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He was an incredibly talented artist if you ask me. I love his music very much.

Rest in peace. Such a young age to pass.
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That is so sad. He was an absolute legend and had an amazing voice. May he rest in peace.
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Oh good grief i'm so shocked to read this I loved his music and have a few of his albums and i even saw him in concert when he came to the UK, and a fantastic concert he'd put on as well

Such a brilliant artist who's music brings back so many happy memories of my ex boyfriend

He'll still live on in my heart thats for sure
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I was at work last night and "Dance with my Father" came on the radio... I started to tear up as I sang the song because, obviously, it upsets me, what with is going on with my father... Well, one of my customers noticed and said, "You know he passed away, tonight, right?" and I broke into tears... It's so sad because he was amazing... RIP Luther...
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....R.I.P. ...... so young...
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RIP Luther.
His voice was one that could make anyone melt....How many new lives began when "Here and Now" played at weddings? How many people tear up when they hear "Dance With My Father"? Yes, we truly have lost a legend. May he find peace.
I bet Heaven never sounded so melodic.
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How sad, I didn't even know until I read this post RIP Luthur
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