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Odd/beautiful kitty question

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This was brought on by my MIL's cat, Panda.

Panda is a pretty little Blue/Lynx point Siamese mix, cream coat.
Once he hit the one year old mark, he developed the prettiest champagne and caramel colored tabby swirl on his flanks, no other markings aside from the points.
It makes him absolutely stunning.

My little girl, Ivory, is a mixed up mix, she has a sealpoint mask, chocolate point feet and a blue/lynx point tail, but her ears have silver tips on the hairs.

I was just wondering what other unusual or unique patterns, colors, or markings people have seen on moggies, or even on purebreds that have no standard color/pattern.
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Bijou is lilac point but you can see tabby type lines on his legs.
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Mooch has some markings that are unusual to me. If you look at Noodles' back you can see striped down her spine. Mooch has the same ones in a red black vs a blue black like the rest of her fur. You can only see it in certain lights.
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Ivo's a tuxedo, mostly black, but in strong light you can see slight tabby markings on her back legs.
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I had a blue eyed, black cat once when I was a kid, in the sun you could see spots on her sides.

Since she's a mix, I wonder if Ivory will develope any other markings.
Of course, I'm still wondering if she'll end up with the traditional dark Siamese coat, or stay cream colored.
At almost 4 months old, the only thing darkening is her tummy!
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