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Regarding "after hours"

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I am wondering what the typica procedure is for picking up an animal after the standard hours, 8-5 Mon-Fri? I found a dog outside in my yard this morning on my way to work, he was laying down on my front walkway. When I got home from work this evening he was walking around my yard and layed down in the front hedges. He is not in good shape. He won't allow me to see the collar on his neck. He has injuries to his ears and looks like he hasn't eaten. I called the non-emergency police number and 2 officers came out. They contacted animal control who said they were on their way. 4 hours have passed and they have not shown up. We are having bad storms here so I am sure they are going to be a no show. I can't get access to the after hours number. I called the police station twice since. They gave me a wrong number the first time, I called back again and the person who answered that time said they couldn't give out their contact number. I stayed outside all this time waiting because I was worried the dog would run off. I gave him water and he wouldn't touch it. I gave him some wet cat food (I don't have any dog food on hand) and he wouldn't touch that either I am so frustrated and confused. He looks awful, I can't afford to take him to an emergency vet, animal control won't get him, it's a holiday weekend. I am sorry if I am coming off upset, I just don't know what to do.
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Bless you for trying to help this obviously unhealthy/injured dog.

Do you have a garage? Maybe you could coax him in, at least until your bad weather passes or someone from animal control shows up.

I have had similiar situations and I made a real nuisance of myself on the phone until finally someone "heard" me and responded.

Sorry...wish I had better ideas for you.
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Has Animal Control come yet? If not, you should call the Police Department and ask to speak with the Watch Commander. Be sure to explain how long you have been waiting.
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They never showed up I ended up going to the grocery store to get a couple of cans of dog food for him. When I pulled into my driveway, he was laying up near the garage. We were having an awful storm and it was dark. I was going to let him in the garage, but when I opened the door it startled him and he ran off. I haven't seen him since. I called animal control and they said they would look around for him, but I doubt they did. He never got any dog food, I just hope that he may have found someone who could have helped him more than I was able to.
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I'm so sorry that you weren't able to help him. At least you tried, and bless you for doing so. Hopefully he will come back. My cat Annabelle was also very sick and emaciated. She wouldn't come anywhere near us, but after a month she decided we were safe. A year later she is in perfect health and is a total lap cat. Hopefully he will see that he can trust you and come back. If he doesn't just know that you did everything you could.
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Here where I am they expect whoever called to put the dog in there back yard, then they will come get them. For the most part they are not going to chase them down. How in the heck are you supposed to do that, you have no idea if the animal is mean or injured, We called them 4 times about a dog that had been out front for almost TWO weeks of course I put food and water out for it, but it was scared to death, some guy was walking his pit bull one evening and that dog was out there, and the pit bull jumped on it, my neighbor went out and told the guy get your dam dog off of him, Don't know whatever happened to it, It was a sad situation.
I was driving home the first of the week and there were 2 dogs laying in the grass just off the street a busy street, and it has been terribly hot here they were panting like crazy, just as I got right past them I saw the Humane Society truck coming the other direction, witch is the side they were laying on, and they didn't even slow down let alone stop, It's very sad that the some of the people that do that work don't do it at all.
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Awww..I am so sorry that the proper authorities didn't do their part in helping this poor animal. You did everything you could, bless you! Living in the country, we get a lot of animals dumped out here. It makes me so angry! So far I have been lucky. One dog I got to the shelter, the other I found a home, and the two cats sort of adopted us. Thank you for being an animal lover and at least trying to do what was right for that dog!
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