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At my wit's end

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I am having a serious issue with my cat. We've had him since August. Recently moved to a new apartment (March). Since the first week he's been pooping in the same corner of our spare bedroom. We are the first people to live in this apartment so there should be no other animal scents there. I tried Feliway, I tried putting stuff in the way so he couldn't get to the corner. For two months we just kept the doors shut. I'm at a loss here. I've taken him to the vet and she says he's healthy. Is this is his way of getting back at us for not being here during the day when we're at work? I really don't know what else to do. I'm trying to avoid getting rid of him but I don't know that I have many more options. Any ideas on what else I can do or what is bothering him? Thank you in advance.
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I would try putting a litterbox in that corner, for awhile and slowly move it to a less obvious place. How many litterboxes do you have? I would have at least 2 per cat. Spirit has 2 litterboxes and she specifically uses one to pee in and one to poop in.
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He's not doing it out of spite. There's gotta be a reason that makes sense to him that he'd rather poop there. I was wondering how many boxes, too. And where? What kind of litter? How big is/are the box(es)? Any other pets?
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I have heard the thing about two boxes, but I don't really have another room I'd be able to put it in. Do you think it will work if they're just side by side? I clean his pan everyday and I try to use low-dust clumping litter. The vet suggested it was behavorial but it just doesn't make sense to me because he's not a spiteful cat. He's very loving, never attacks anyone or anything unless he's playing with his toys. He's two and I don't know anything about his past. I sort of took him in because he had no one else to take care of him. So maybe he was abused or something and I don't know about it? We don't hit him or even yell at him since I know that doesn't work. Now if I put the second box in the spot where he's going in the spare room, how often and how far do I move it each time to wean him off of that spot?

Sorry for the long reply. I'm very desperate to NOT get rid of him. Thanks!
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I would put it there first to see if it helps, if he does start using it then I would leave it for a week to 2 weeks. Then move it about a foot every2-3 days, as long as he is using it consistantly. You can also try as you start moving the litterbox away tape down a sheet (or 2) of aluminum foil, or better yet a large piece of cardboard with double sided tape on it (he won't like his feet sticking to it) and tape it on that spot. I don't know also what you have cleaned that spot with in the past but I would use a good enzymatic cleaner on it to get rid of any lingering odors.
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Pet nurse is right. I would move the litterbox there, he may have been nervous the first time he pooped, and now because of his "scent" he may continue doing so. it can be common for behavor problems to arise in moves, and because cats are so territorial it can be very emotional for them. don't scold him, as he may feel more nervous. I hope he will feel better, sometimes it can take a month for a kitty to 'settle' in. good luck. also, is where your kitty is pooping at in a quiet spot, out of the way of the "mess" and chatoicness of the move? sometimes evulating the envirnoment can also help. (sorry for all the missspellings, it is very late and i cannot sleep.)
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Please click here for some excellent ideas on how to stop poop problems.

Good luck!
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Our three cats were pooping behind the couch in a corner in the livingroom... we have a very long living room so there is about five feet of space behind the couch. What we did, with advice from people here, was to put a third litter pan in, not in that spot, but in a more desireable place that was near that spot, and then we bought a plastic mat with little plastic nubs poking up from it. They dont go there anymore because they dont like the feel of the nubs on their feet. There are many ways you can deter a cat from going somewhere. Many people say cats do not like the smell of lemons, so maybe buy some lemon pine sol and clean the floor and wall with it every day, or maybe buy a lemon scented air freshener and put it over there. Any really strong smell should deter the cat, even perfume would work I think. Just make sure your cat doesnt LIKE the smell of lemons or he might lick the walls O_O
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I have three litter boxes for my cats and two are right next to each other. They like to pee in one and poop in the other. Go ahead and put both next to each other and visit that link
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Yes, they can be side-by-side if that is what works best for the layout of your apartment.

Sometimes cats who spent time homeless on the streets develop peculiar bathroom habits once they are brought back inside. Just as an example, Nano needs two litterboxes and each must have 5-6" layer of litter for her to feel comfortable. It is survival instincts and they seem concerned about predators who are now imaginary from the safety of an apartment.
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Ditto to the other responses - maybe you have to start from scratch again re litter training and make sure trhe smell is gone do the kitty does not think that is where he should fo.

And no cat ever does anything out of spite. They love us uncondtionally in spite of all our human flaws! My Siamese is still patiently teaching me, lol
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Just a thought-when I got a scaredy semi feral foster kitty, she liked to hide in the front room cabinets. The front room is a 30 foot hallway away from the bathroom and litter box. So I put down a litterbox in the front room. After she settled in enough so she wasn't too afraid to go to the bathroom litterbox, I just cleaned the bathroom litterboxes daily, and went to every 2 days, then 3 days, etc on the front room box. I was so worried someone would use that corner if they were still in the habit of going there. Once I could see that they weren't adding to the stinky litterbox, I removed it.

I never let it be the cleaner litterbox. I use scoopable litter, so I finally put used but scooped litter in it, and they preferred the new fresh litter in the bathroom! Good luck with your boy. Would it really be so awful if the guest room had a litterbox in it? As long as it was clean...I guess it depends on who your guests are. But catlovers would certainly understand, and it is a good way of making sure non-cat lovers don't stay too long! LOL!
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