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Lots of new smilies!

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Check out this page:

It's the smilies page (you have a link to this page whenever you post, up where it says:Posts: HTML code is OFF. Smilies are ON. vB code is ON. [IMG] code is ON.).

Thanks blue for making me add them. I've been meaning to for ages but I've always put it off

Blue has been me to do it these past two days so I had no choice left

Use them wisely (i.e. a lot!)
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lol Anne me ?! never

you're doing a wonderful job, Anne.

([i]...now, if only i could persuade her to turning html & [img]- (in the profiles) on !) lol

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oops I forgot to tell you...

I did turn the [IMG] code on in the signatures. I prefer not to turn the HTML code anywhere on the forums, to avoid problems. If you need any particular HTML tag, let me know and I'll turn it into a VB tag.
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ahh, well, i'm just used to typing in my own fonts, and HTML code has to be turned on for it to work. see, if i type ((( <font face="times new roman"> ))) my font stays the same. its just a habit of mine, but its not a big deal of course
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So does this mean I can add the wavey smiley to my signiture like it is in the chins & Quills? I added it to my profile there...will it work here now?
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Nevermind...I just tried it, and it works!!!
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I like this one: Very cute!!
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