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Anyone want a cutie-patootie??

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As I have mentioned in a thread I posted in "Fur Pictures" my babies have to go soon. I want only the best of best homes for them. I WILL NOT post an add in the newspaper b/c people like that you never know how they will take care of the babies.

So....... If there is anyone in Southeast Missouri that wants one of my cuties please let me know.
I would have such peace in my mind if all of my babies went to people from TCS.
Also, If you want more pics just private message me.

Little Chief...


Bonita (pretty little girl in Spanish)



The spots on Spot and Dot...


Another pic of Petals and Dot....

And Petals peeking out... Petals is the runt
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I so wish I was close - they are just the cutest!
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AWWWWWW, they are all just too cute for words!
If only I could I would love to have one or more!
Hope you find wonderful families for all of those cuties!!
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I wish I could adopt all of them. They are adorable. Thanks for working so hard to finding loving homes for these innocent furbabies.
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I want one...But I din't think he would appreaciate being Fed-Exed out to Ore. lol They are real darlins.
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Awww how precious! I would love to take one (or two, or all ) of them, but alas I live too far away!!! Good luck with finding them furrever homes!!
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Aw they are so dang cute! I wish I was closer too.
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Thanks ya'll.
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aw! they are soooo cute, wish i could have another...

I really hope and pray that you find good homes for them!!! They deserve it!!!
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