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Do your kitties...

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Have catster pages? Not sure if there's been a thread like this before, but I couldn't find one, and would love to see everyone's babies' pages, if you're willing to share! The links to my kits' pages are in my siggy - anyone else?
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Yep, both Mik and Lex have pages. Yours are great - love the bios!

I'm curious how you included the "Kitty Complexion" though.
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Yup, Bijou has a page on catster.
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Can we have links?
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What's "caster" and how do I take a look?
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My babies do: Chloe and Iris.

vespacat - you have to update their info. The kitty complexion things are a new feature. I just added my girls' about a week ago. I'm not sure when they became available, but I think it was recently.
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Mine all do

The links in my siggy will take you to their pages!
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Mine have pag4es but I haven't put links in yet. Apart from the cat pages though, I am not really sure what Catster is FOR. Compared to TCS it has very little information and I prefer the TCS system of owners speaking to each other rather than pretending the cats are doing it - if we want to do that we have threads for that purpose.
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Jinx would have a kit page, but I don't have pictures of him yet.
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Waffle ,Thor , andNoel
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If you click on Cosette and Eponine's names in my siggy, you'll go directly to their pages
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Ohhh cool... This is the first time I've ever heard of Catster... Now, I have something new to play with... I'll post Malakitty's page when I done... YaY!
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YaY! Malakai has a page on Catster now... Check it out!.. The link is in my siggy... Click on Malakai's name...
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You can see my guys. Click on link in siggy
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