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change of color

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hey guys, i have a siamese cat who is 2.5 years old and all of a sudden i see that the color of hair on her face started to change. like 30 % of hair become 2 color, creme and dark. i can see the same pattern on her ears as well. please advice.
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any1? any ideas?
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color points which a siamese is can change / get there points 2.5 yrs seems a bit late ..

so you have a before and current picture?? when was the cat last seen by a vet
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I agree about the color points changing. Ragdolls often aren't fully "colored" until they're 3 yrs old.
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It's common in the breed.
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Can you clarify a little? Is the dark fur turning light or is the light colored fur turning dark? I'm sorry, but to me, your post is unclear.

In pointed cats, the gene that allows them to be pointed is a heat-sensitive gene. That is to say, where they lose heat, then darken ... where they hold heat, they lighten.

If the dark fur is turning light, then it could be what is known as "fever coat". Fever coat will happen when the skin under the fur becomes warmer such as when a cat has an underlying infection. Around the face/mouth/nose area in pointed cats usually means a problem with an infection in the gums or tear ducts. Dark fur lightening on the ears could indicate an ear infection.

If the light fur is turning dark, then this is a normal progression which happens with age and environmental factors - if your home is cool all year round, a pointed cat will be darker than a pointed cat that lives in a warmer environment.

Hope this helps,

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i have the before picture, i'm goiong to try to make an after picture later today
in my case this is dark hair turning white, not fully while, during the lenght of the hair it changes colors few times, dark white dark white dark white.....
cat was last seen by veterinarian a month ago when her kitten died.
there are no behavioaral changes from my point of view, my cat got back to be the mean aggresive animal she used to be before pregnancy
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i have no idea! I'd love to see a before and after pic though!
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