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Anal (scent) Sacks?

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[color=DarkRed]I need help! I believe my Peaches has a problem with her anal sacks. When I got home an hour ago, there were several places in the house where it looks like she tried to express them. These places are slightly bloody. I called my vet and I can't get in until tomorrow morning and only going to be "worked in" at best. I believe this is the problem because of the horrendous odor. Is there a way I can expell them myself? I don't want her to be uncomfortable all night! Thanks.
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I've rubbed one of my cats with paper back there and that made some of it come out. As for the odor, it can be eliminated with ketchup (or tomato - anything). Just wipe with a soft cloth (or paper) with some ketchup on and clean as you usually would

I hope Peaches feels better real soon
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Does Peaches have a history of scent sack problems? If there is blood, they could be infected. I would error on the side of caution & take her to your vet tomorrow morning. Others may have a different opinion but when in doubt, I always prefer to be safe. She may be in pain.
Do a search of this forum..."scent sacks or scent glands." There is quite a bit of info.
I hope that she is OK. Keep us updated please.
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Ask the vet to teach you how to express them yourself, if this is going to be a chronic problem.
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Poor Peaches -- and you also
Anal glands have to stink worse than anything. Whew!
Only one of my cats ever had a problem with them, and fortunately it was a one-time thing. Expressing them isn't hard to do, so don't worry if you have to learn. The vet visit tomorrow, though, is a must!
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Hello Everyone! Peaches is still feeling poorly but I did take her to the doctor this morning and we sat and waited for two hours to be worked in. Poor Peaches! She wasn't happy to be exposed to all the doggy germs and stinky cat germs. She's very prissy and thinks she's better than anyone else (of course). She is on two anti-biotics and a laxative. Dr. thinks she expelled most of the fluid on her own but there was some sign of infection. She also didn't take kindly to me giving her the pills-I got bit!She's still lethargic and hasn't eaten but I can tell from her eyes that she is feeling better (maybe it was that taste of human blood). Thanks to All who prayed for her. CCsMom
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Hi Again! Well, It's been a couple of days and frankly, I don't think she's getting any better. She won't eat and the only water she's ingested has been about 3 cc with her medications morning and night. I've been bitten so many times my hands are throbbing with pain. She looks terrible, really lethargic and said looking in the face. At least she doesn't go and hide from us; she lays around in our pathways as usual. Today's a holiday in the states so no vet to talk with. I'll call tomorrow morning. Thanks for the good thoughts and vibes.
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i am praying for your little oscar had some secretions yesterday too and i sped him to the vet...maybe you should leave your peaches at the vet to be controlled carefully so they can figure out exactly what's going on? i always prefer to be paranoid rather than risk losing my baby. good luck, i'll be here waiting for news.
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It sounds to me like Peaches needs to go back to your vet ASAP.
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Yup - Poor girl. I know what you mean my Loki's right anal sack ruptured 3 weeks ago. Problem is that he is one of those cats that dosen't show signs and it's nasty when they rupture. I sure don't want this to happen to your baby. She really needs to see the Vet again!!!

Hugs and kisses to your little one.
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I'm sending vibes and prayers for Peaches.
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I've recently been through a similar problem with my Patsy. She had an abcess in her anal gland that ruptured. Then she was allergic to her meds so she had a really tough time. I know what your going though. Patsy showed absolutely no signs of anythng being wrong but her vet caught it when she went for vaccines. I don't know if it would be easier for you (or if your vet will prescribe it) but there is an transdermal antibiotic (orbax) that is rubbed in the inner ear. That's what they had to give Patsy becasue they of the vomiting from the allergic reaction as she did very well. My vet also said that anal gland abcesses are very painful so that could be why your kitty is lethargic and sad looking. Patsy looked the same way between pain pill so maybe you can ask your vet for some pain meds. I'm not a vet/tech or anything but that's just what they did for Patsy and it worked great.

I hope Peaches gets better very soon
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Owww poor Peaches Please let us know how she is getting on?

I have had experience of this twice now with Guinness getting blocked anal glands. I can tell when they annoy him because he constantly cleans down there and he also lies about in a funny position without his bottom touching any surface. Each time I have had to take him to the vet because I didn't really know what to do with him. Thankfully it has not happened for a while now but I can feel for you and your kitty as it is not pleasant.
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Hello! Well the news isn't good at all. My Peaches has been at the vet all week and I just got her back this morning! They really don't know what her problem is EXCEPT they found that her liver had some sirrosus(sp) (hardening) and was very small for her age (4). She only weighs 7 lbs. They have been giving her subcutaneous fluids and antibiotics. Also appetite paste and pills. She finally started eating last night so that's why she's now home. The doc said she had absolutely nothing in her stomach or colon when he xrayed her! I don't know how she has survived this last week and a day! He also said she started drinking water on Wednesday (thank the Lord for that large favor). The prognosis isn't good, but as long as she doesn't show distress of any kind I will keep plugging away at being a good mom. Thanks to everyone for their prayers.
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I do hope that you and Peaches get over this and the news is better soon. Good luck.
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Hello Friends,
Peaches seems to be doing well. I'm not! She has taken more bites out of me than I care to count! Giving her 6 pills a day plus nutrition paste and hairball treatment is driving me to drink! For such a little girl she sure is strong-it takes two of us to administer the pills and we are not always successful. She is eating and gaining weight as I can no longer feel the sharp points on her spine. She is also using the litter box on a regular basis. So thanks again-this should be my last update.
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Good to hear - ASK YOUR VET if any of the meds you are now giving in pill form are avilable transdermally (administered as a gel/cream via the fleshy area of the ear) . I am a proponent of whatever makes life easier for both human and cat!!!
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