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Went to Six Flags...

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Great Adventure in NJ yesterday. Haven't been there in about 20 years!!
I actually went on three of the coasters The Batman one was wildest one I went on...that thing moved so fast I could feel skin on my face being forced backward!

Gee, I know I'm not that young anymore, but everyone was surprised that I actually went on the rollercoasters...or is it that they think I'm that boring?!
Though if the new coaster was actually in working order there's no way I would have gone on that one!! It's called Kingda Ka and it goes straight up...I can't remember how high it actually is but when we got there yesterday morning it was raining a bit and the top of that coaster was covered in cloud!!!

But I think I've had enough coaster rides for the year!
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Congrats to you for being brave enough to get on those things. They scare me to death. I never ride them.
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The only one that _I_ ever got on that I actually enjoyed was Space Mountain at Disney World. And that only since it was completely enclosed I couldn't tell how high up I was!

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We LOVE coasters... but even at 31 & 40 we seem to be the oldest ones in line

We went to Wild Adventures in Georgia not too long ago, and it's NO six flags but they do have some good coasters. We only stayed until late afternoon after getting there around 11-ish. We seemed to tire out so fast and the lines were getting rediculously long... that's when I realized why it was that we were the oldest people in line! LOL! No patience or stamina! In my early 20's I went to King's Island, which seems about 10 times the size of Wild Adventures, and I don't remember getting so tired & irritated.

Since we love coasters so much we've threatened to buy hoverounds just to drive around in parks
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My youth group used to go there every year. I'm not much of a ride person ( )but I went with my friends. My stepfather grew up around there and loves the place. His favorite ride has always been The Great American Scream Machine. I should be able to tell you his whole routine he gets into when you ask him about rides by now but I sorta got in the habit of tuning it out.
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Originally Posted by jasmro1995
Kingda Ka is the MOST scariest Roller Coaster to me...

Have you been on it?
Just looking at it scares me!!
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I used to get season passes to Six Flags all the time. Batman is my favorite too. I also like Freefall. We just don't go anymore.. so many people and everything is so expensive!!
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Love the HULK in Orlando so cool and Bush Gardens are brillent too
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I used to hate going to Great Adventure. It meant we would have to visit my great aunt (she worked there too) and I'd be yelled at the entire time because I was scared to death of the rides. So congrats to you for not being terrifed like me!
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