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I hope my cats don't come home!

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Not too soon, that is!

The guy was here to spray for termites and spiders around the perimeter of the house. We've had subterranean termites make their tunnels up the foundation in the past, so I know they're in the ground and have to keep them under control. So every year I have the pest control guys come monthly to spray. He came while I was taking a nap. And both Purdy and Red Cat are outside! I just hope they stay away long enough for that stuff to dry! The noisy machine on the truck scared them off, so I just hope they don't come back too soon. The product used is supposed to be safe for pets after it is dry.

What really makes me angry with myself is that the lady from the pest service called me yesterday to forewarn me, and I FORGOT! Otherwise, I keep them in the day the pest guy is coming.

Okay, off to work in the yard, where maybe, just maybe I'll see them before they get too close to the house if they should come back this soon.
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Have they turned up? Maybe the smell of the stuff will keep them away long enough for it to dry.
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Whew! Red Cat turned out to be inside after all. I'd forgotten that I'd let him in before I went for my nap. Usually he comes and naps with me, but today was one of the rare occasions he chose to hide in the furnace room instead. He is wanting out now, but I think I'll keep him in another couple of hours just to be sure.

Purdy is still gone, but the pesticide does appear to be dry out there now. It is warm out there today. Well, warm for here, 70 degrees F. So things dried pretty fast. There were four young men at the neighbors picking up a load of old shingles. They were laughing and talking. Since Purdy, like Red Cat, is deathly afraid of strangers, that probably helped to keep him away. By now he is probably taking a nap in the woods on my second lot or on one of the other vacant wooded lots right in this block. He usually doesn't go too far.

I can't believe my bad memory about this, though. I'm going to set an "appointment" on my Outlook calendar for the first of every month so I can have a message pop up on my computer that morning to remind me before I let the cats out. I don't want to risk this happening again.
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Your headline took me by surprise. I'm glad your kitties didn't come into contact with the pesticide before it dried.
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Purdy just got home! And Red Cat is happily dosing now, too. What he apparently wanted most was some grass, and thankfully, I had a fresh dish of cat grass just long enough to give him. After I gave him that, he went back for another nap.

Actually, I think I'll keep all of my babies in for several days now. I need to spray for weeds again, and today looks like a good day to do it before we get the forecasted showers again. When I spray that, I need to keep them in until any grasses they might eat are sufficiently dead that they wouldn't try sampling them. Depending upon the weather, that can take at least three days and up to seven days with the product I use.
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I am glad that your beautiful furkids are home & safe.
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