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My 19 year old cat jimmy just had to be put down (i am 14 so i have known him all my life), I loved him so much and i cant belive i will never see him again, i know you probably dont care i just needed to tell someone,
i just have one question to ask did it hurt him?
Thats all i needed to know, i just want to know if he went through any pain or not
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I'm so sorry to hear about Jimmy. You'll find that everyone here cares and knows what you're going through. Most of know know how hard it is to lose a pet we love. Please know that when a pet is put to sleep it is entirely painless. Sending many hugs your way!
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thanx, im glad he hasnt suffered, its just so hard to belive i will never see, feel or hear him ever again
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I am so sorry to hear about Jimmy. I know how hard this must be for you and how much you miss him all ready They do not feel any pain at all when they are put down. I promise. Jimmy just felt all of the love thats in your heart for him. Think of him right now playing at the Rainbow Bridge chasing butterflies and I bet he is even going to come across my dog Gizmo and have a fun time. He is going to think about you and how happy he was until the day you are reunited.
I will light a candle for Jimmy tonight.

We are hear for you anytime you need to talk.
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Off topic, when I was 14 I had the biggest crush on a boy named Mike Smith. He was so cute, and one year older than me. I never told him! That is so odd, that you are a Mike Smith. Are you cute? No, don't answer that, I am happily married and have 2 kids older than you!

I have been with 2 animals when they are put to sleep. My cat Mattie had FIP, an incurable disease. The moment the vet gave her the shot, she layed her head down and was at total peace. She was gone in an instant. The vet let us say our good-byes, then carefully carried her away. They are very gentle with the animals before and after the euthanasia.

Condolences on the loss of Jimmy. You must be a great cat lover to take such good care of him that he lived such a long full life.
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Originally Posted by mike_smith_999@
thanx, im glad he hasnt suffered, its just so hard to belive i will never see, feel or hear him ever again
I felt the same way when I had to have my cat Willy had to be put to sleep.
Even though you'll never forget Jimmy, the sense of loss you're experiencing
will get easier with time and you'll be able to focus on the the happy times
you had with him. Just remember, we're all here for you!
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo
You must be a great cat lover to take such good care of him that he lived such a long full life.
I would like to second that.
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RIP Jimmy
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Aw, Jimmy, but at 19 he must have lived a full happy life and been a very lucky kitty.

RIP Jimmy.
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One thing here, Mike, is we all do care, very much, for all our own kitties and for those of our friends on this site, as well as for all those poor cats who have no one to love them throughout their lives. So never feel afraid of telling us exactly how you feel - we will laugh and cry with you and we want to share your troubles. I am so sorry for you right now - my daughter was 16 when we lost the cat she knew all her life and I know how it feels. But your cat was special, he knew he was loved, and I can also assure that he knew nothing about it until he woke up at the Rainbow Bridge with all the other kitties.
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So sorry for you, everyone of us care, and the majority of us have been through it. When i had to have a cat pts in Jan, she went before they finished the injection, it was very peaceful and quick. We are all here if you need someone to talk to.

RIP Jimmy
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Don't ever be afraid to write here about your feelings! We all understand, and are grieving with you for the loss of your special friend. It's very hard for all of us to part with a furry companion, but one you've known all your life has to be the worst. Just remember that he lived 5 more years than you have, and I'm sure he had the best possible life. The kindest thing your family did was to let him go to sleep peacefully, with no pain. Along with all our other departed, much loved kitties, Jimmy will be there waiting when someday you go to meet him over the Rainbow Bridge. Until then, don't be afraid to let him live on in your memories and in your heart. He'll always be with you there.
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Awww, Mike. We care, so very much. You have come to the right place to share your loss. Jimmy is playing at the Bridge now, happy and healthy, waiting for the day when he can be reunited with his loved ones. He'll always be there watching over you; your own precious angel.
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I'm very sorry for your loss. RIP Jimmy.
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Rest in peace, Jimmy! A couple of things, Mike - Jimmy was given one of the most wonderful gifts ever when he was put down - a peaceful, painless passing! Also, even though you can't see or hear him, or touch his body, his spirit still goes on & you can feel him in your heart of hearts. My heart goes out to you - all your life, Jimmy was there for you, in good times & bad; now there is that empty space when you are entering the exciting roller-coaster time of your life that's known as being a teenager. Please don't be shy about keeping us here at TCS posted about how you're doing and remember that this pain, too, shall pass & someday you'll be typing advice to someone in the future who'll being going through what you are right now. You are in my thoughts & prayers! Susan
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Aw RIP Jimmy.
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Mike, we know how much it hurts and our thoughts are with you. I think most of us here have lost beloved animals and know how much it breaks our hearts. Jimmy had a long and wonderful life with you and you should feel peace in knowing that you gave him all your love.
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