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FIP/cat condos

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I had 2 kittens that were dx with FIP and I had to put them to rest,(sweet angels Mia and Willow),This was 5 months ago. I got rid of their litter boxes and bowls, but kept their 2 condo/ gyms. I had sprayed them with Lysol and put them in my attic. I now have 2 cats that I have adopted over the past 2 months, and I want to know if it is safe to use the condo/gyms?????? I read so much about FIP, and it scares me! If anyone knows please let me know what you think.
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Vets differ on this question...safest thing to do is toss the condos and start looking for new real estate
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I think your safest bet is to toss them...especially as Lysol is toxic to cats, and I would worry that there is still a residue of it on the condos. I'm very sorry for your loss.
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Thank -you for your help. I thought the Lysol cleaner was poisonous, even the spray is too????? I have a day care in my home and that is what I use along with clorox cleaner as per state requirements. My cats do go down there, but usually only when the children have gone home as they don't seem to like all the noise. I only spray when everyone has gone home, and my cats are still upstairs. Please advise. thank-you.
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Lysol contains phenols - and that is poisonous to cats. I don't think it matters what the concentration is, if it is in the spray, it's still toxic. I would not want them to inhale or ingest the spray.

Your best guide would be to call and confirm this with your vet
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Thank-you, I will do that.
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