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Kitten will not eat food

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A friend of mine just got a 6-week old kitten. I haven't had a kitten since I was little so I'm not sure. This is her first cat!

She bought some kitten formula hard food and is NOT eating it. What should she do? Can she give it milk and if so, how often? What should she be feeding it? How much? (I know they can be piggies).
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She can mix the dry food with wet kitten food, or even baby food, chicken or turkey is best. Also nuke the food for just a few SECONDS in the microwave, this will entice it to eat. I hope the kitten has been to the vet to be checked for diseases? Also, please steer clear of cow's milk. You can buy KMR at most grocery stores and dribble a little bit of this replacement milk on kitten's food.
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she could also add some water to the dry kitten food to make it soft and mushy, it may be too hard for the kitten to eat. if that doesnt work i would just give some canned kitten food which is more palatable and easier for such a young kitten to digest.
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Well, they are mixing water with the dry food and the kitten is eating. They are also mixing one part cow milk with 3 parts water. I told them not to but they said that the kitten likes it and is not getting sick. What does cow milk do to cats?
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Milk is the only food that goes in liquid and comes back solid. Some kittens and even cats are lactose intolerant and it can cause bloating, cramping, diarrhea, and sometimes even obstruct the passageway. It is just a really good idea to not give cow's milk to kitties. The fact that they are diluting it will help, but with all the additives the dairy farmers now give their herd, it is not a wise practice to start.
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Even kittens have their own minds & taste..
I think your friend should bring several kinds of kittens food (taste size)
and let him/her choose what's the best..
milk is not recommended substitute is better..

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