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Catnip Overdose!

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I bought Guinness a little catnip toy today from the supermarket. It took him about 5 minutes to rip it apart in his excitement!

Here's the little monkey in action:

Ohhh look I have a new toy! Let me take it away so mummy can't have it!

This is lovely! I am going to attack it like I do with the birdies in the garden...hehe

Oppss! I think it's dead now... look at it's insides hanging out.

If I act all cute, maybe mummy will give me another toy?

Urrghh! What's all this stuff on my face?

Okay, I need a rest now...being a cat is hard work!

I hope that you liked the pictures!

Question: Why do cat's always seem to dump their toys in shoes etc?
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He is too cute! I just love watching thier expressions when they on cat nip!
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Beautiful cat!!
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Another gorgeous black cat! Thanks for sharing the pics.
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Gilly i thought Rosie was rough with her toys?!.

Those are brilliant! Guinness needs some industrial strength ones
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That sooooo cute and delicious Dear Gilly!
i just think Milky that was the only one that, run and make the same position with the back paws pushing! he looks as you well said "monkey"
Thanks! ..........Guin is the best! ...
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Awww, he's beautiful. His coat is so shiny and his eyes are mesmerizing! Maybe the reason they put toys in our shoes is that they are trying to be neat and tidy.
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He is beautiful! I love how black cats have such shiny coats.
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Awww Gilly, Guinness is such a cutie!! Love the expressions on his face!
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Too sweet. He's beautiful. I hope my cat Pearl grows up to look as pretty and shinny as yours. Mine is all black too. Well, except he has a tiny spot of grey under his chin.
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Shoes and cats are double trouble!!
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Awww, he is so cute! Looks like he had fun! Mine always tear the catnip toys apart, too!
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Hehe, cute!!!
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How sweet! He reminds me of my dad's cat; my dad's cat would drool all over the catnip 'sack' toys we got him.
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Hey gilly thats the reason why i dont get him any cat nip bags
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I love it when kitties play they are so cute, Your furbaby is a sweety
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Cute cat look same as mine and seens to act like mine called Cleo
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Looked like he was having waaaaay too much fun...
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I love the shoes! He is one adorable cat! There isn't much of anything cuter than a cat OD-ing on catnip!
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Great pics , Gilly! Kill the toy!
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Nice pictures!!! You are lucky he didn't go after you shoes!
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All those pics are so cute!. Keep them coming!
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Thanks everyone! I shall tell Guinness what you all think of him.

lol I was away Saturday night and my neighbour said that when she came in to feed Guin he was asleep with that toy in his bed - how cute

But when I got home yesterday, that toy was even more ripped to shreds on the hallway floor! He must have been having a ball
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