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Prob a bizarre and poss stupid question. Ginger, my 13 year old male has just gone to playfully bite me and i felt teeth. I was awfully shocked seeing as he had no teeth (he has had them out gradually over a period of 3 years), so i grabbed him and checked his mouth and he has 3 stubs at the top of his mouth. I am sure i have never noticed these, as it is normally funny when he tries to bite as all you can feel are gums. Is it possible for teeth to grow back?? He is at the vets next week for a weigh, so i will try and remember to mention it then
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Not a clue, sorry.
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No, teeth don't grow back. I'm guessing maybe what you felt were some teeth that weren't fulled extracted. I've heard of teeth that were so rotten that they just broke off at the root and the vet didn't extract the root. If that's what happened, receding gums may expose the stub after time. This is all just guessing, of course, to explain what you felt. But teeth definitely don't grow back.
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I had a 13-yr. old female with a similar tooth problem. I came home one day & found her drooling for no apparent reason. As it turned out...with a visit to the vet....becasue of her age, one of her teeth was bad and started to fall out...she couldn't close her mouth. He pulled it and all was well for years.

In answer to your question, no, teeth do not grow back. Just like humans, teeth & bones start to deteriorate. Ewww...how depressing
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No, teeth don't grow back, but sometimes roots are left behind. Definitely do tell your vet!
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