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My neutered male cat howls loudly

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My neutered male cat is an extremely loud howler. He howls only when he's bored or wants outside. I recently caught him being a predator and have decided to not allow him outside any more. I know the howling will be unbearable, but I'm not going to give in. I would like to know, however, if anyone has any ideas as to how to control the howling while he's in the house. I've thought about the non-barking dog collars, but am unsure if they would work for a cat. Any thoughts or ideas will be greatly appreciated.
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The collar shouldn't be used on a cat, IMO. You really can't control it. You can make his life inside the house as fulfilling and stimulating as possible. Lots of attention and interactive play, window perches, cat trees and condos ... you know, stuff cats like to do. Eventually, perhaps he'll accomodate.

I'm all for keeping cats indoors. But your cat is used to going outside and apparently enjoys it. Is your only objection his predations outdoors? Because that's a natural activity for a cat. Perhaps your cat would be happier if he's still allowed to go outdoors. IMO, of course.
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Limerick does the same thing when he's lonely. Get alot of cat toys, toys that he can activate himself. Keep the shades up so he can look outside, hide treats around the house so he can search them out.
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You might also try planting some cat grass for him. Having a little grass inside might help him miss the outdoors a little less.

Regarding the is vitally important that if you do not want him to yowl, that you never ever respond to him when he yowls. Oftentimes yowling is done to get attention, so if you go to him when he yowls or talk to him (even to tell him to be quiet) he is getting the attention he craves. So, ignore him when he yowls and give him lots of attention when he is quiet and you might find that he yowls much less often.

With that in mind, some breeds of cats (and some individual cats) are very vocal. So, if you have a siamese for example, you will just need to get used to lots of talking! not use a bark collar on your cat. They aren't really that effective with dogs anyway, and getting shocked repeatedly will turn your cat into one scared, neurotic, and probably aggressive little critter!
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