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Does anyone else's cat fetch?

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My cat Silas will play fetch with one of those little fake mice. I can throw it probably 20 times before he will lose interest. He is just like a dog! He'll RUN after it, and then RUN right back and drop it in my hand or in front of me.

Everyone who sees him do this is amazed. I've never had a cat before Silas, is this unusual?
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slightly unusual.. Kandie fetched till she was about 15 she will still but it is like twice not a full game session... Zoey is learning to fetch
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My pepsi used to play fetch with the same toy you mentioned, but once we got 2 new additions who were more playful then him, he lost interest!

However we play Tigger in the middle with tigger our ginger cat, he loves it. Its his little rubber ball and you only have to touch it and he comes running to play, me and bf throw it to each other and tigger attempts to catch it! Its so funny to watch!

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The cat at the stable where I board my horses,Jigs,loves to play fetch!-lol- It's the weirdest thing!Yeah,if anyone throws one of his little,glitter ball toys,he'll fly after it and bring it back to you a couple of times.Something else Jigs loves to do is follow you around all over the barn,even while I'm riding my horse!He also enjoys when you rub his belly!I didn't know that cats could behave in such a mannerism,because most of the cats I've known prefered to be left alone more rather than have someone play with them.

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My Willy did with tiny mice, balls etc....
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My little guy, Merton, likes to play fetch. When either my husband or I throw the shaker mice he runs after it like a crazy person, brings it back to us, drops it at our feet, and waits for us to throw it again. He only stops to get some extra ptetting and loving in.
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Mine all do, though Dushka now thinks it beneath her dignity if anyone else is watching! Persil will play fetch for ages with a stuffed mouse, though she tends to prefer first one and then another. Ellie likes a ball with a little bell in it - she will bat it at you and then when you bat it back either picks it up and brings it to you or kills it.
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Quila will play fetch with her straw. . .but she gets bored quick & decides its naptime!
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Since I'm a bit paranoid about all the ways Baby Kitty finds to stuff objects into his mouth I supervise while he plays with large drinking straws. I throw it, he goes after it and brings it back waiting for me to throw it again. He can do this a few dozen times before he wears himself out. My other cat, Toobaloo, used to fetch after large plastic tape dispenser rings (too large for him to swallow) when the tape would run out. He was the first cat I ever played fetch with and it was so unique at the time to see a cat put actual labor into a "group activity"
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My seth loves to fetch!! and i discovered this by accident, had a toy near me and i threw it out of the way, and seth chases it, brings it back, drops it and looks at me as if to was fun. AGAIN. this usually last five minutes. even with new additions he still loves it. the other five couldnt care less. (you want me to run? whatever...) lazy rascals.
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My little Chloe loves to play fetch. She brings me her fishie when she's ready to play. It's really cute. More than once I've woken up to find the fish on the bed, and Chloe looking at me expectantly.
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well.....this is tota;;y unrelated to fetching....but I think ya'lls will get a kick out of it.
My himilayan-persian- Snoop- the- Dog Kitty cat....loves to be spun around on the back of one of our dining room chairs while one of us play yowls at him and taps on his hind quarters. to the untrained eye or people who don't know looks like he's getting mad but in actuality he's loving every single minute of the roughhousing.
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my guys cat poppy has been fetching off and on for about 3 yrs now, If you work with them from the time they are kittens they will do this, and its something to watch
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My kitty Reilly plays fetch all the time too!. He only does it with the soft spongy balls you get at the pet store. I can throw it across the room, down the hall and down the stairs and he will keep bringing it back!..the really funny thing is when I throw 2 balls at the same time. Sometimes he will bring them both back in his mouth!!. It looks so funny
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