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How would you describe....

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...your cat's purrsonality? How about trying it no more than five words? Thought of this because it really comes across on TCS how unique each cat is.

Here's mine:
Katie-loyal, sweet, funny, shy, regal
Gracie-adorable, affectionate, demanding, needy, ladylike
Peter-easygoing, gentle, rambunctious, persistant, curious
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what a great idea

Tipsy - independant, mummy's boy, alpha, affectionate

Cedar - timid, playful, sweet, sensitive
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Eponine- Shy, defensive, loveable, loving, sensitive

Cosette- Fearless, playful, intelligent, curious, precious

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Can have an attitude (She's a "tortie"!)
A chatterbox
Shy with strangers

Very loving and affectionate
Very confident
Vocal when she want's something!
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Tibby - Vocal, rough, alpha, attention seeking!

Molly - Shy, sensitive, gentle, crazy!
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Five words is hard, but here goes...

Mik - affectionate, adventurous, relaxed, intelligent, gentle

Lex - playful, high-strung, intelligent, quiet, affectionate
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Cody - princess, spoiled, chatty, mama's girl, affectionate and loving when she wants to be or she wants something
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Oliver ~ Hospitable, Sophticated, Calm, Soft Spoken, Affectionate
Tripod ~ Shy, Fun Loving, Energetic, Talkative, Loving
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Sammy-a-go-go: Nosy, curious, clever, bossy, tolerant
Lola: Nervous, sketchy, talkative, affectionate, grounded (as in she doesn't like being picked up off the ground lol)
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April Joy- affectionate, frisky, sweet, lovable, and playful
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Brandie- sparky, jumpy, afectionate, afectionate, afectionate
Baby- Loud, Pushy, Indesicive, playful, quarky
Baylee-Easy going, tolerant, quiet, lovey
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Flibbo: Warm, sweet, cuddley, lazy, charming

Poodle: Loving, timid, sweet, apathetic, passive
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