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fatty liver disease help i am new here

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I have a cat. Her name is Josie. She quit eating about a month ago and lost 2 lbs. in the process. Because of this she developed fatty liver disease.
She is now on a feeding tube which is in her neck area. I have been feeding her through the tube for 7 weeks. We are down to 2 feedings a day now. We started with 5 feedings, then 4, then 3 and now 2 feedings.
She need to gain weight back and to start feeling better.
She still isn't eating on her own. The tube is not permanent. They want her to eat anything actually. We want her to want to eat again. However, she is picky. She has never liked canned cat food. I have gotten her to drink some of my cereal milk. It was so exciting to see her put something in her mouth and eat. Anyone had to deal with this? Please help with your suggestions. Plazagirl
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Hi there - firstly Welcome to TCS !!!!

i am so sorry to hear of the health issues ou are having with Josie. I unfortunatly can not offer any advise but I promise you that many people on here have been through similar things and you will find a wealth of knowledge here. Your best bet however is to post your question in the health and nutrition forum where our experts will be able to see it and hopefully help you alot more...

I wish you & Josie the best of luck with all of this Please know that you will have enormous support here from many members should you need it
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Welcome to TCS! I'm sorry to hear about your kitty. I hope she is feeling better soon. Huggles is absolutely right - you should post something in the Health and Nutrition forums where some of the people with more experience on this will see it.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!

So sorry I´m not have experience with that... there another forum of health here... why you not post this question in that forum... I´m so sure one expert would you help you..

See you on the forums!
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Hopefully your post can be moved to Health and Nutrition so the people who can help you will see it. I did a search on Hepatic Lipidosis and found this thread:

Hepatic Lipidosis

I hope it can be a bit helpful until someone else sees your post.
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Welcome, plazagirl! Sorry to hear about your cat's condition. Unfortunately, it will take a vet or someone who has experience dealing with such a problem to really offer good advice. As already suggested, try the Health and Nutrition forum.
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Welcome! I am donna proudly owned by the incredible trio who send belly rubs to the sweet furry! Might try checking out the nutrition forum I have learned alot about eating problems there, prayers for a quick come back!
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Hi plazagirl and welcome to the Cat Site. I've moved your post to our Health and Nutrition forum where you should get some good advice on Josie's health problem.
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So sorry to hear you are having problems. I have had a few fussy eaters, but luckily have been able to keep them going to prevent this. Do the vets know what caused her to stop eating in the first place, as this may effect her starting eating properly again. When my cat with liver probs used to stop eating, i would give her cat milk to try and boost her weight. I also had about 9 kinds of food in once (for 2 cats) as she would sometimes eat one thing one day and not the next. Went through loads of cat food, but to me it was worth it. Boiled chicken was another one that helped her to eat.
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Have you tried a variety of canned foods? Some cats prefer them slightly warmed (it activates the aromas). You might also ask the pet store if they sell small samples of different dry foods. You might be able to find one that gets her interested. I've also heard that adding tuna or clam juice, or low-sodium chicken broth to the food can help. My hyperthyroid cat hasn't been eating well after I-131 treatment, and he's lost 3 pounds in the past month. The vet said that he hadn't developed hepatic lipidosis yet, but his liver enzymes were elevated. I started syringe feeding him last night, since he couldn't keep food down any other way.

Good luck and good for you for going the extra mile for your kitty. It's hard to see them sick, and it can be so draining trying to get them well again. You deserve a huge round of applause for your perserverance, and I hope your baby starts eating on her own again soon!
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MY cat Sammy developed a major stomach problem 7 years ago. For 8 days she stayed at the clinic recovering from surgery. In the process of her illness she developed Fatty Liver Disease. The vet pretty much just sent her home with me over the weekend telling me to try and get her to eat or else bring her back Monday. I never got to find out what that next step could be because after 24 hours of being home Sammy started licking some hairball remedy (the malt flavor tube stuff) and pretty soon she got her apetite back.

I wish you luck in your efforts to get your kitty better. It's a living nightmare trying to get them to regain the natural instinct of wanting to eat again.

Please let us know how Josie is doing ..
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I'm sending vibes and prayers for Josie to start eating again and be a healthy kitty. Welcome to TCS!
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