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Hi - I'm New

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Hi! My name is Maureen, and I'm mom to Bob, a grey Maine Coon cross who came into my life last Easter Sunday. He was running around with a feral colony, but seemed to be more of a stray. Someone my father works with trapped him, got him neutered and my father asked me to take him. I'm also aunt to Delilah (grey tabby) and her son Pierre (brown Maine Coon cross), my brother & his wife's cats who have been living with me for a while. Delilah was a barn cat that my sister-in-law rescued along with her litter of kittens (they were living under a porch on a busy street and the kittens were starting to follow mom into the street.) She found homes for the other kittens but couldn't bear to give up Pierre and knew that Delilah would be hard to place. I have them because they moved into a situation where they couldn't keep the cats. Anyway, it looks like Delilah and Pierre will go home soon and it will be just me and Bob. As I've been around dogs most of my life I'll probably be pestering you with questions about behavior, training and ferals. I'll post pictures of the gang when I get a chance.
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Welcome to TCS from another New Englander!
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Since I'm not sure if I can attach photos at this point, I uploaded them to Yahoo:

The 1st one is of Bob, and the 2nd one is Pierre and Delilah.
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Hello and welcome!!!
All of your kitties are beautiful!!

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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Hello! Welcome! So glad you rescued your kitties, they all look great.
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And there may be one more coming. A coworker is moving and can only take 2 of her 3 cats. I have a friend who may be interested, but if she can't take him I will.
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Welcome, Bob'sMom! You have some beautiful cats! They can add up pretty quickly, can't they?
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Hi and Welcome
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Hi Maureen. Welcome to TCS.
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I am donna proudly owned by the incredible trio! welcome to the board
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Welcome What beautiful kitties, they are just stunning! Bless you for rescuing them. They are too beautiful not to have a loving home.
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Welcome Bob'smom!

I love the pic of your maine coon! he looks like a real sweetie

Hope to hear lots more about him!
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Hi Maureen! Welcome to TCS! Your kitties are beautiful!
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Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to TCS! I'm sorry that I didn't know this when I posted in your other thread!
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