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I have two females (Norwegian Forest Cat). One is now 23 months. I mated her in March, but she had no kittens, now I am waiting for her to come into heat again. But no sign of it so far.

My other girl is now 13 months and has not yet to my knowledge been in heat. And I look for signs every day. I have been told that there were no doubt when her mother went into heat (first time when she was about one year old).

I know there are socalled "silent heat", but even if they both are like that (which I think not, because the older one was not silent at all back in March!)
there must be some kind of sign to be noticed? At least I suppose they will move their tail to the side at some point. And I am sure there must be some kind of change in behaviour over at least a couple of days in sequence?

Any experience with this anyone? What should I look for that I have not thought of? Is there anything I can do to encourage them? Their "fiancees" are waiting!

Anne G