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Miserable cat (long post)

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Hoping someone on this forum might be able to give me some advice on my British Shorthair cat - Blossom, she is 15 months old (actually she really belongs to my 7 year old DD!). We got her at 11 weeks old and with hindsight realise the breeder wasnt that good, but we didnt really know a lot better at the time.

We had been told that BSH were very affectionate and loving cats, very friendly, etc. That is not the case with Blossom. She has a lovely home here with us, she wants for nothing. Yet she treats the whole family with such total disdain. My DDs have never been mean to her but she never lets them pet her - if they are really lucky she will let them stroke her once or twice and then thats it she go in another room - she hates anyone stroking her. She has never hissed or bitten or scratched. She just so obviously does not want to spend time with us! Sometimes in the evening she will jump up onto the settee with me but if I stroke her she will get down. She will just sit there next to me. We have hardly ever heard her purr. She just seems so damn miserable all the time, she was a cute little kitten but didnt like cuddles even then. I would just accept that this was her nature if it hadn't have been for the way she acted a few months ago.

To cut a long story short - at the beginning of April she went into my neighbours garden (never done this before) and that day my neighbour had gone and got a retired racing greyhound from a shelter (unbeknown to us). The unthinkable happened - the dog attacked Blossom (in sight of my DDs ). Against the odds she survived and 3 days later we were able to bring her home from the vets. The vet warned us that her personality might change after this - and WOW did it. She turned into the most loving cat in the world. So pleased to see us, willing to be petted, following us around - my DDs were so happy. But 2 weeks later she changed back to her normal self.

Can anyone on here offer me some suggestions on how to make her happier?

Thanks for reading.

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wow I dont know what to say... poor sweet Blossom, it most certainly does sound like she may have had some tramua in her life before she came to you.

My boy Cedar is similar to Blossom - he doenst like pats or cuddles and I only hear a slight purr from him if i put my ear right up to him. He is sooo scared of anything new, people coming over or a feather that might fall in front of him. He is getting better the older he gets (he is about 18 months now) but he will never be a lap cat like my other boy is.

Unfortunatly some cats just dont want affection - its just the way they are. I dont think she is miserable at all, I just believe that she likes her own company. She knows she is loved by you all and that of course is extremley important.

have you heard of feliway? usually its used for stressed kitties or similar - maybe it could help?

someone else will come along that will be able to offer much better advise that I can I am sure - good luck - dont give up on her - we all need to be loved no matter our personality
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I don't think she is misearable. She is just independent. A lot of cats aren't cuddly and like to be independent. My cat is pretty much the same way.
Many times, as cat grows older, he or she becomes more affectionate. I am still waiting on my cat to become more affectionate. He also likes to be nearby, but doesn't want to be petted much.

P.S. Also, it would be safer to keep her inside. Or walk her out on a leash.
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