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Sci Fi book recomendations?

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Have a friend whose birthday is coming up and he's very into sci fi...
his favorite authour is ursula le guinn
any recommendations for me?
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Turn him onto some David Weber, John Ringo Or Eric Flint they are really good authors.
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You can start him on David Weber's 1st Honor Harrington book On Basilisk Station or if he is into fantasty more get him Oath of Swords also by Weber.

I would bet that he will like either of them
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I like Sci fi myself but can't think of any authors. How I find new authors is to read the sci-fi short stories. Usually books are published annually that are a compliation of authors and then if I find a good short story I look for books written by that author.
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Get him a copy of "Crystal Singer". He won't be able to put it down.
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My favorite Sci-Fi authors are Phillip Jose' Farmer, and Isaac Asimov.
Favorite book series by those authors Riverworld series by Farmer and the Foundation series by Asimov.
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A couple more good Sci-Fi authors are Anne McCaffrey and Tanya Huff
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Originally Posted by felineorc
A couple more good Sci-Fi authors are Anne McCaffrey and Tanya Huff
I really like Harry Turtledove, Robert Asprin, Spider Robinson,Keith Laumer, POUL Anderson,Arthur C. Clark and the list goes on & on.
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You know, I've read Le Guin, but the only thing I can think of by her right now is The Earthsea Trilogy ? If she's one of his faves, he'll already have these. I've only read one of John Ringo's but it was a "can't put it down" type of book (There Will Be Dragons,) and I intend to locate copies of the sequel/prequel to this book.

If I remember correctly most of Le Guin's stuff is pretty much on the serious side so he would probably enjoy that one. Mercedes Lackey comes to mind although she's mostly Fantasy. Personally I always enjoyed Anne McCaffrey's books although some serious SF fans tend to look down on her as a hack writer (dunno why, all I ask out of a book is to be entertained and she does that very well.)

These days my absolute favorite author is Terry Pratchett as his books are funny, satirical, though-provoking and just generally a rollicking good read. His books are actually serious --- if you read between the lines so to speak.

There's just too much to choose from. My sister brings me freebie copies from some of the conventions she attends and that's the way I find new authors these days. Although a lot of these do tend to be Baen Books since she's a friend of one of the editors and her husband.

I hope you're taking notes !

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Julian May-Pleiocene Exile and Galactic Milieu series. Orson Scott Card-Enders Game (Ender Wiggins Saga). Allen Steele-Coyote and Coyote Rising. Sheri S. Teper-The Revenants (more fantasy).
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