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Is this normal?

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Opal has one kitten and only one nipple fill with milk,this is the one Bono has always gone for as well,is it ok to only have one working nipple?

Im trying to give Bono KMR as well as it has a cold and pretty small for two weeks old but she isnt taking it very well,im using a dropper,she is feeding I just want to give her something extra
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I heard from a friend of mine the theory that only as many nipples fill with milk as there are kittens. Don't know if it's true, but it would be interesting to find out if it were.
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When CJ was nursing her three, she had three full ones. After Limeny died, and she was only nursing two, there were only two that were filled. It all depends on which one is getting the nursing... it'll fill as long as it's being used. It's normal.
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