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Bring Kitties with me ? or Leave them at Home ?

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Morning !

I'm going away to see my parent's this weekend and might take the cats with me. Do you think this will be ok ?? my parents haven't saeen them yet so theywant to see them !

Or would they be a lot better off if I left them at home ? If I leave them at home, I can get someone to drop by twice a day to feed them.

Plus little kiki is a bit under the weather so I'd rather have her with me.

Will taking them to a new house for a couple of days stress them out too much ?
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For me it would depend on how old they are and weighing the pros and cons carefully. If you are sure they will be looked after at home by someone trustworthy, who will call the vet if necessary and can give meds if one is under the weather, then I would leave them at home. Moving them will cause stress and might make the illness worse, plus you might have the problem of finding a new vet in an emergency. However, if you honestly believe that taking them will be the only way of ensuring adequate care then you will have to do that, making certain they are warm and as stress free as possible on the way. But IMO I would try to leave them at home.
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Would you ?

Hmm I'm not sure what to do now. I do know where I can take them at my parents. Plus it's only a 1 1/2 hour journey to get to my parents so it's not too much travelling.

If I leave them at home, my boyfriends mum can come over twice a day to feed them, but apart from that, they would be in the house on their own all weekend.

Aw I dont' know what to do ! I'm going tonight so had better decide quick !
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we always leave our cats at home when we go away and our neighbours comes in twice a day to feed them. Mine are inside/outside cats but they are not allowed out of the house at all when we go away.... they are fine with it - determined to get outside as soon as we get home though

how old are they? and you say Kiki is a little ill - is it something serious?
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Dee is 2 years and kiki is 3 months old. She's not really ill, she just looks a bit under the weather. Her third eyelids are a bit closed, but apart from that she's still eating, running around etc.

I'd rather have her with me as only I will notice the little differences. Plus my parents want to see them !

Would it be bad for them if I took them with me ?? they will be fine at home, but I want to take them !
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I think the key to your dilemma is in the phrase 'I want to take them'. Please think carefully about it from their point of view - a stressful journey, a strange place, new sounds, smells, people. They won't understand that this is a joyful family visit, and if your parents haven't seen them they will want to make a fuss over them, which the kitties may not understand at all. You may find that they run and hide and you don't see them at all for the two days of the visit! Just look at it carefully and decide from an unselfish viewpoint.
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I believe in all honestly they will be fine if you take them with you. As long as they have a safe place to hide at your parents house where they can be left alone should they desire that. And as mentioned earlier, they need to be kept warm and feel safe the whole way. Ensure you know of a vet that you can contact in case of any emergancies.

You may find that they wont be very sociable at your parents though as they will more than likely be scared about what is going on and will likely run and hide for the whole period of time your there... just ensure they get lots and lots and lots of attention from you and your parents do leave them alone if they dont want the attention from them
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Well They will be kept in a quiet place for most of the time. I expect they will be kept in teh kitchen while we are in and shut in a bedroom at night and when we go out. So they will have lots of time on their own in the peace and quiet.

Dee has quite different from most cats, she's got a really friendly nature and comes for cuddles, even when she's in strange places with strange people ! I think that as long as I'm with her she will be fine. And all kiki is interested in is playing ! I can take their beds, and I dont' think they will be fussed too much
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Good luck with it. I hope you and they enjoy the trip! If Dee is already used to travelling then you have a head start.
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good luck!! let us know how it all goes when you return
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Thought I'd just let oyu all know how it went at the weekend.

Dee wasn't very happy about the car journey, she meowed all the way there. Kiki was fine though, she slept all the way there and home.

Once I'd got them to my parents they sniffed around for a bit and that was it, they settled in really quick, and even found a favourite chair ! They were also fine around my family.

So overall, it was quite good ! I'd consider taking them again instead of leaving them at home.
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