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Is my cat neutered or not?

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I know this might sound dumb, but I have a cat that I got as a stray and I can't tell whether or not he's neutered. He hasn't sprayed and I've had him for several weeks. I don't think he's full grown yet, but he's definitely not a kitten. Please help! I'm trying to give him away and I need to be able to tell people for sure whether or not he's fixed!

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Does he have a good little couple of sacks there in the back-side?
How old do you think he may be?
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If you haven't already taken him to the vet then I really suggest that you do before you give him away because:

The vet will be able to tell you for sure if he is a he and if he is neutered. Spaying & Neutering is very important and I would make sure that arrangements are made before you find kitty a home.

You need to see if he has any health concerns like ear mites, intestinal worms, FIP, FIV, or Feline Leukemia. This is very important. These things are very contagious to other cats and it's very to know if the cat has them in order to provide the cat a healthy life.

Good Luck and let us know what you find out. I'm not sure but if you are positive he is a male and isn't quite full grown, then chances are he isn't neutered. It's best he see a vet.
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Are you sure he isn't a 'she'? I have two males who have never sprayed, even before they were fixed. If a male is neutered, he will have no testicles, its usually pretty easy to see whether thats the case or not , at least if its an older cat. Good luck
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its not always that easy. i have 3 neutered male cats and they all still have testicles. the only difference in apperance that i could see is that the testicles are a bit smaller than they were before the neuter but they are still there. i have heard say that their cats testicles were removed for neutering but i guess not all vets do it that way.
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I used to work for a vet and I'm pretty sure that they always remove the testicles, unless now they are doing kitty vasectomies (sp?). After a neuter it's the sac/scrotum that remains, not the testicles. The sac size can very after a neuter. Some males look like there is nothing there because the sac shrinks up so much afterwards, others sacs don't shrink up as much so it looks like there is still something there. Anyone please correct me if I'm wrong.
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I have taken 2 cats to the vet (at separate times) to be neutered- both times the doctor (separate Docs) didn't notice that they had already been fixed prior to "going in". I got them through an agency which didn't fix before finding homes. My newest was neutered last week, and still has what appears to be testicles remaining. Hope this helps!
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Don't take this the wrong way, but I just reach up and gently squeeze the scrotum to see if they have testicles. See, when the sacs are removed, it will feel like skin on skin (pretty thin) and if there is something inside, you can tell!
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If I tried that with mine, Illusion, I'd be shredded.
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My cat only has a right testicle! It's no wonder why he's still spraying!

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