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not sure whats going on

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My one year old cat Jacques has been eating hardly anything for the past few weeks. He used to scarf down his food along with his brothers but now he'll come running when I put down food and then just walk away. I haven't changed the brand or types of food that I've been feeding them in a long time. He seems to take only a few bites and then leaves the rest. I have the them all on a routine also for when I feed them and everytime I come to feed them his bowl is always almost as full as it was when I left. I know I'm not overfeeding them. He still plays fine but he also seems ultra jumpy which isn't really like him either. I don't know whether its something to be worried about or not. Anyone have any ideas?!
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My idea is get him to a vet to find out why he isn't eating.
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That does sound a little unusual. Sorry I have no idea, but i hope he's ok.
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I would get him to the vet too - that sounds odd.
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Yeah, I'd be worried. No food = weight loss. Could be a number of things. Please let us know what the vet finds out.
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To the vet ASAP! He may be having problems with his teeth, gums, throat, etc. One of mine gets "jumpy" along with not eating when she gets an infection on the roof of her mouth. Get him to the vet and see what's wrong; too long without proper nutrition can lead to liver problems -- that you definitely don't need!
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