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Queen is no longer Pregnant, kittens in-between floorboards need advice

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Our cat Peaches had kittens last night. She was given to us as a kitten , and unfortunatly she got out and became pregnant before we had a chance to fix her. The bad new is we don't know how many kittens she had or if they all survived, as she had them in between floorboards, in the basement ceiling and under the main floor of the house. She got up in an area above the water heater that i've been bugging dh to close up but he didn't get to it in time. so i'm thinking that we need to tear up the basement ceiling a bit and get them outta there. I had one of my children stand on the water heater with a flashlight, and she thought she saw 4 kittens ,but one may be dead. Peaches had disapeared yesterday, and it took some major coaxing this morning to get her to come eat some breakfast, i think it was around 10:30 ish. Anyways that's when we realized she'd had her kittens, she had a bit of blood stuck to her hair on her hindquartes, and obviously was full of milk. She ate a ton, and then went back up there. I heard some meowing while she was down from the kittens, but it stopped as soon as she went back up so i'm hoping she's doing ok taking care of them. I do plan on fixing her as soon as she weans her kittens. I'm planning on putting them in an extra large dog crate with a litter box, food and a nice cozy bed, but to confine them so she won't take them up there again, or someplace else worse. We have a large dog who goes to work with my dh during the day, and a male cat both who are fixed and i'd like to keep them separated from the kittens. I'd also like to keep my 2 preschoolers away from the kittens until they are quite a bit larger. That may have been what Peaches was thinking when she had her lil ones way up there. Do you think my plan of moving them so soon is ok? I have not ever had a kitten family before, nor do i plan to again, unless we foster one from the pound.
thanks so much
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No, it's not too soon. It's best if you get them down from there as soon as possible. So many things can happen... they can fall, get too cold, too hot... it's really best to get them where you can watch them. When they get older, I'd suggest a whole room to themselves, if you can manage. Good luck!
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My cat wanted me to move her kittens. She needed help doing it and was able to show me where to put them for her.
I think you need to get them out of the floor boards as soon as possible to make sure they are all ok and eating well.
It is safest if you can put them where you can check on them.
Good luck.
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Hey Alicia.....although not related to your question....best way to keep this from happening again is to ensure that momma cat does not have any access (even accidentally) outdoors until she is weaned. You may want to keep her in an interior room in the house (ie. bathroom) where you can visit her and her kittens and know they are all safe. Make your spay appt. now for when the kittens reach 6 weeks of age (around a month and a half). If you need a list of low cost spay/neuter clinics...you can go here:


Scroll down until you come to the Lost cost or free spay/neuter programs section and select your state. Best to start calling them now because they may be booked until the time you can take your cat in and it's best not to wait.

Good Luck.


P.S. Thank you for considering fostering.
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