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Need urgent help NOW please

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2 week old Bono has a cold,I just called the vet as it is midnight the only thing I can do is keep him warm,she said he will either make it or not and their is noting they can do as it is so small,

I need to keep it warm,she said about a hot water bottle and I thought I have one but I dont so I need ideas urgently to keep him warm,hes getting lots of cuddles from his mum though and it is active so im not sure how I will keep it warm without it moving,I cant get a heatpad,everything is shut around here now
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Please go to this page click here and also see the sick kittens page on this site. I think there are tips for warming when you don't have a heating pad, and hope you'll find useful information here. It is a wonderful site by a TCS member. I hope your kitten makes it through the night, and am sure you will get other responses soon.
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I really hope your kitten feels better. KEep us informed!
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Thanks,its feeding well,just rattling a little and sneezing every now and then,its still as active as ever though,miaowing when being picked up etc
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If there is a 24 hour safeway store in your area, they carry baby humidifiers. They are about $15.00 for the humidifier and about $9.00 for the vapo steam- this will help.

Failing that, throw some dry towels in your dryer and let them cycle and put the little one in the bathroom. Run your sink and shower on hot as you can and let the steam fill the air to bring her some relief. Wrap her in warm towels and cuddle her close to your heart when you take her back to her room and keep her head out of the cold air-
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I am sure you vet told you, but do make sure he is not dehydrated. When Dushka was 3 weeks old with URI that developed into pneumonia I gave her warmed goats milk every two hours by syringe. (I couldn't get KMR here). It gave her both nourishment and liquid. Good luck with little Bono.
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No change today,still looking happy,im now putting it back on the KMR,thank you for all your help
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