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Teuf In my garden ;)

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Here are some new pics of my little black panther

You are so delicious mum I HAVE TO KEEP ON BITING YOU

Can you find him???

Catch the landlord!
now in this picture my landlord was laying down on his outdoor "sunbed" and all of a sudden teufel started growling and wanted to chase him i quickly took the picture of him put him down and shut the window!

And here are some of my lovely roses that teufel wanted to eat

Sorry these are a bit dark i dont know why they came out like this though
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Thoes are some sweet pictures of your furbabie! He is sooo handsome!
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Thank you
Here is one more on his tummy

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awww sweetie
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Teufel doesn't like the landlord! Great photos Fran!
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Awwww, there's my handsome boy!
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Aww.. There's the cutie patootie!!
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awwwwwwwwwwww look at that belly!!!!
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Oh my how he's grown!!! He is such a handsome and curious boy
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What a handsome boy! I love black cats!
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Great photos! My Mac likes to eat roses, too.
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He is so sweet!!!
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Woooh hooo! Thanks Fwan.... Mr T is a lovely little Panther!

I like the one of him biting you! hehe
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can you share a few days in Mexico your lovely Teufel Dear Fran! ..
He´s soooo sweet!! ...
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He's a beautiful kitty!
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I can't believe how much he has grown!
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I know he has gotten soo big, soon enough he will be a fat little panther he already weighs alot, to me he still doesnt look big untill he lays down on my chest in bed he is the size of my upper body
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thanks for sharing your pictures
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