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:Question?: Flea Allergy

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Has anyone's cat had flea allergies? I believe the flea allergy is called Allergic Dermatitus?
I need some advice on how to treat my cat, Sadie, for this. We purchased Frontline Plus, and applied month 1 on Monday. She seems to be itching less.
While I know frontline is a good treatment option for fleas, is there another product available specifically for the treatment or relief of the allergic dermatitis? Possibly to use in combination with a product such as Frontline?
Any advice would mean a lot to me.
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does your cat have scabs? my older cat Alice had this problem and the vet gave her a cortisone injection which really seemed to help her. She has no more scabs and not itchy at all. We also keep up with applying frontline monthly which also seems to help.
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Fred has flea allergies. He gets so scabby if we do not keep him treated for fleas. I have had the best luck with Advantage. His skin cleared right up after we finally figured out what the problem was and treated it.
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I'm going through that right now with my Princess among other problems. She only had one flea on her and her back by her tail was all covered in scabs. She had to be put on antibiotics and antihistamines. She was already on Advantage but her vet said to apply it every 3 weeks instead of 4 since she is highly allergic to fleas. I was also given a list of possible other things that could be causing her problems. I will send you the list if you're interested. I just can't find it right now.

I don't know if you have taken your kitty to the vet but it might not be a bad idea. Especially if there are any scabs. Your kitty might need antibiotics and they can also prescribe antihistamines that will Sadie more comfortable.
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