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Today's radio question: 06/30/05

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Tomorrow is July 1. Any specials plans for the holiday weekend?
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Working tomorrow, catering a wedding Saturday, resting Sunday, cleaning house Monday....exciting, huh?!
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Originally Posted by KittenKrazy
Working tomorrow, catering a wedding Saturday, resting Sunday, cleaning house Monday....exciting, huh?!
for Cindy! I´ll do the same! .. ...I mean the housework....
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Going back to Orlando tonight, working this weekend, and coming back to my hometown on Monday for our towns awesome fireworks display!
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Housework as well. Not only at my house but my grandmother has enlisted me to help her clean out her basement! What a way to spend my day off!

I am also probably going to the "Freedom Fest" in Mercer County Park (for those of you in NJ). A Journey cover band and a U2 cover band will be playing.
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Saturday I will be surrounded by hundreds of Aussies at the Australians Shepherd Club of America's conformation show and herding trials. Our rescue group will be there and we will be parading our rescue dogs. I will be taking Bozy and Cody.
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Well this weekend, I've driving up to my friends house tomorrow to give back the dog that she gave me last weekend. I really thought I wanted a dog but have come to the conclusion that I am unable to give the little guy the time and attention he needs. And I just can't see keeping an animal that would be better off with someone else. Thankfully she had another person all lined up that had wanted one of the puppies so it all worked out for the best. I'm taking up a big care package with his food and toys and such so it's not such a hard transition.

After that I have dinner plans with my cousin for her birthday which is also tomorrow. Then Sunday I'm planning on driving down to our family farm. I think the plan is to have a bar-b-que on Sunday instead of Monday since so many people go back to work on Tuesday.

Other than that I need to clean my apartment because it's a distaster area. Then I will probably have to go into work for a couple of hours. Then I plan on devoting some serious time to the cats. They haven't been getting as much attention as usual due to the puppy. They'll be thrilled once he's gone too, Gandalf runs away from him and hisses and Samwise runs too as he chases them.
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Goin to visit my brother in Sacramento.
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Well, July 1 is our holiday, so no work for this kid. We're partying with friends tonight, so will likely sleep in some. Quiet weekend, nothing extraordinary happening, but Monday, when the US is celebrating and Canada is going back to work, we start VACATION!!!! YESSSSS!!!! And we're off work for the whole month, just bein' lazy.
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Well, like Fran said, tomorrow is Canada Day for us. If it doesn't rain tomorrow I'm planning on taking in some of the festivities, and watching the fireworks. If it's raining I'll probably veg in front of the computer or the TV! Saturday, probably cleaning the house and perhaps a bit of retail therapy. Then a nice relaxing day on Sunday.
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Going to the Canada Day things happening, working for a few hours, and then going to watch the fireworks, then going out
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Caring for my girls and work.Time and a half on Monday!
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not applicable to us here in Aus... but bring on the weekend nonetheless
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Nothing special today and tomorrow.... But Sunday, our church is having their annual fireworks shindig that lasts all day until 10:00 at night..I am going to it because The Tempations will be singing and because of the food.... Monday the 4th will be spent recovering from Sunday's many activities.
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Being a bum on the couch all weekend, with just a few breaks to clean house. Bradley is working on the boat for 5 days in a row (big $$$ weekend!), so we'll just go to some low-key get-togethers this weekend. I think we'll be watching the fireworks from a friend's dock one night...and one night I'm going to set off the fireworks I smuggled up from FL
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Going to the in-laws...which involves shopping, resting, swimming, jogging, and I'll probably have to do some of my research for a paper! We have an annual church 4th of July BBQ where everyone makes homemade ice cream. This should be really great!!!
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it's N/A for us kiwis too...and most of my weekend is over anyway!
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