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First Kitten Walking!

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I always let the kits out to toddle about, but today they were really steady and were running about for ages.

uncoordinated to start with.. but they soon got the hang of it

''first one there gets the milk!''

Little Blue eyed Cheetah

Squeaker was soon on the prowl..

Cheetah followed suit

''whats that??''

'grrrr I am a brave Cheetah back off''

''I am kitten, hear me roar!''

''eh yeah Kovu.. you investigate.. I'll stay back here.. ''

''what are we up to?? not mischief anyways....''

Kitten cuddles in background as Kovu shows off his cutie face

''Mummy we are tired!!'' Ok so it's not me but whatever

Sleepy Squeaker..


Heartbeats comfort little kitties

Cheetah.. grr even us fierce kittens need catnaps

Kovu and Smudge

Kitten kisses

And the reason smudge is in barely any pics.. he is quite a bit weaker than the others.. and my sister was in the background cuddling him in the other pics.. Here he is all tuckered out

And in his mummy's arms

Hope you like sorry for all the pics!!
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OMG! They're simply toooo precious for words!!! That cheetah really has a strut of his own huh.
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Oh my goodness look at those baby blue eyes Their all so precious

Are they from your shelter?
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Awww, they are SO cute!! You could never post too many pictures of those little darlings!!
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They are 4 babies dumped in a box with their mother at about 7 days old, but their mum escaped, so I have been handrearing them for the past 2 weeks
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Awww bless their little hearts I hope the mums ok as well poor thing
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I don't think there is such a thing as "too many pictures" of kittens! What precious babies! I love how their little paws are all claws. Too cute!

And little Smudge is so precious. I'm sure he will catch up to his siblings in no time, but will probably still like to cuddle a lot.
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Having a cute attack

They are soooo cute!! Little smudge looks like a baby squnk I love their little pointy tails. Wishing all of them good health & happy loved-filled lives!
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Don't you wish they could stay that little longer???? Congrats on the hand rearing I had to do that once and its alot of work!!
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AbbeyCat, it's posts like that one that make the invention of computers worthwhile! I don't dare show these to MommyCat or she'll be on a rampage to find some baby kitties!
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Oh my goodness ! How adorable!!!!!!!!!!

They are so precious--and pretty markings too!

What lovable little kits. Good vibes for smudge to pull through and grow strong!

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sorry for all the pics!!
SORRY!!???? OMG! They are just too precious!! More!
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Very very cute...seeing their pics made me smile (hard to do today I'm afraid). Thanks for posting them. Keep us updated, (with pics of course too) as they grow. They are all so sweet and adorable. They remind me of Lil, the cat I handreared, it is a lot of work, but it's fun too. Here's to you for taking the time to help them all out.
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that is beyond precious! i love pictures of babies!
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aww love pics , loved them at that age
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Those are just adorable pics, and great captions!!
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Oh my gosh, they are so, so adorable, I want one (actually, I want them all! )! They are precious!
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I handreared a few little ones like these before. Hard work! I barely got in a few hours sleep for several weeks due to their hungry little tummies and their need for companionship. Seeing these pics has me missing it! Adorable kittens!

Sending extra love to Smudge
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oh my gosh, they are SOOO cute! Beautiful pictures and great captions!!! Can't wait to see more pics! :::hint hint:::

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Your kittens are so adorable. I remember when Izzie was that age and first starting "walking/wobbling". It's so cute to watch them learn to balance and walk. Sometimes they get a burst of energy and look like little drunkards. Thanks for sharing.
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They are just too cute for words. I love raising homrless kittens. It is so much fun. Giving them to their new meowmys & pawpas is tough though. But well worth it.
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they are so cute but their little nails look so long.
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The first picture cracks me up. are an angel of mercy. The furbabies could not be cuter.
You are doing a wonderful job with them.
Prayers for sweet Smudge.
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Thanks for all the comments I have Smudge in my lap now purring happily as he is lonely after being separated for suckling
They still get to interact daily though.

I'm going to take more pics today

Just found out from the vet that the 2nd family that were dumped with these 4 aren't doing well 2 of the kittens died and the mother seems to have a virus

Hope this won't affect my kitties.. they were from the same owners..
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Here's smudge 5 minutes ago
He is still purring


Cuddle meeeeeeeeee

Mummy I am sleepy

Sorry about his 'yellowness' but I have given up the idea of washing his fur until I feel he is stronger, as I am terrified he will get a chill.
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OMG, I want all them kitties, they are so CUTE< I tink me's in luv
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oh my goodness, they are sooo precious!!! You are such an angel for taking care of these little ones!!!

Thanks for posting more pictures!!!
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I am just overcome by them and by what you are doing, for such a large family! Fantastic. Good vibes for all, especially darling little Smudge.
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