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Attack Kitty

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I don't even know if I should be worried about this, but it seems to be getting worse with time. Here's the issue ...

I adopted two boy kitties back in July. They were together in their foster home and were already used to each other and seemed to be best buddies ... at least at first.

One of the boys, Fred, is quite a bit larger than the other (Barney), even though they are the same age. They were the same size when I adopted them, but Fred has become quite large (he may be part horse). Both boys have been neutered. Recently, Fred seems to be bullying Barney. Barney is very friendly and outgoing and seemed to be the dominant kitty at first. But now, since Fred has gotten so large, he ambushes and attacks Barney fairly frequently. When Fred manages to get a hold of Barney, he bites him. Barney sometimes meows rather loudly as if it hurts (or maybe it just makes him mad). Barney also has taken to running to me for protection and I, of course, usually tell Fred "NO" very firmly. I'm afraid this may be causing Fred to ambush him more instead of helping the situation.

What should I do? I don't want Barney to be afraid and have to run and hide from Fred. He already doesn't like to play with Fred any more (I assume because Fred gets too rough). I also don't want to make the situation worse by interfering. Should I just let them work it out and hope that Barney doesn't become introverted as a result? Or should I intervene in some way?

Any help or advice?

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Honestly there's nothing you can do right now other than let them work it out. Barney will probably just accept that Fred is the king of the house and once that happens, it usually settles down. Now there are some cats who will persist and in that case you sometimes have to seperate them for short periods. If it gets really bad, you can put a collar with a bell on Fred for a short while to warn Barney that he is coming.
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