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Newbie From TX..Hi Y'all

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I just wanted to say hi to everyone and introduce myself.
My name Is Terrie. My husband and I live in Damon, Texas. It's a small town about 1 hr SW of Houston.
We have 5 cats. The mama cat, lol, the "queen" is Miss Kitty. And she knows she's the queen and her "kids" know it too, lol . She lived out here on our property before we did. We had a hard time getting her use to us, but I finally got her to come around, especially after we finally got our house built and we moved in and I started feeding her! . She is a black and white. I guess what ya call a tuxedo cat. She had a few litter's and we kept 2 out of a few of her litters. lol we finally was able to get her spayed.
So now we went from no cats to 5. Chubby and Junior (brothers) was from the 1st litter that we kept, and then Stitches, and Peanut(sisters) were from her 2nd litter. Believe it or not those 4 are brother and sister's because they had the same daddy, but from 2 different litters!
Thank God, we finally got 2 of them spayed and Chubby got nuetered! Now we have to get Peanut spayed, after she takes care of her kittens she just had this past Sunday, and Junior will be getting nuetered when we take her!!
NO MORE KITTENS! That has been a real struggle for me, but it's almost over! It's almost bitter sweet, because kittens are sooo cute, but making sure they go to good homes was not always easy, and I always cried Here are some pictures..if I can figure how to put them in..
Oh yeah.. I'm a real jabber jaws.. , and I got my screen name from my son, so thought I'd use it here.l
Well I guess I don't know how to post pictures. Can someone tell me how. It would be appreciated, also how can I get a picture by my name?

TXCatwoman aka Terrie
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Welcome, TXCatWoman! I look forward to seeing those cat pictures! There's a thread at the top of this forum when valanhb goes into detail on how to post pictures, it's named , appropriately, "How to Post Pictures". Essentially, new members have to upload pictures to a third-party hosting site, like the one mentioned at photobucket.com. Eventually you'll be able to upload pictures directly.
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Thanks Daddycat!!!
LOL After I posted I seen what or where you were telling me about!!!
I will figure this out..lol (thats what I'm telling myself anyways lol
My Chubby cat looks like your white one! Does your white cat have one blue eye and one green eye? Mine does, so I was just wondering if yours does, cause it looks like it in the picture there.
Thanks again!
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Hi TXCatWoman! Welcome to TCS! I'm looking forward to seeing pics of your furbabies.
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Hi Terrie,

Actually Jewel (3rd picture) has one blue eye and one amber eye. We were told she would be at risk for being deaf, at least on the blue-eyed side, but she seems to hear just fine. When she wants to, being a cat after all!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!

See you on the forums...
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Welcome to TCS....I would try to get Junior neutered before Peanut is spayed as there have been cases of cats going back into heat and mating and getting pregnant before their spay date.

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Welcome Terrie!
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Welcome! I am donna proudly owned by the incredible trio
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Welcome to TCS.
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Hi and welcome! Can't wait to see pics!
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Welcome to TCS!
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