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Being Bobby Brown

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Singer Bobby Brown has a new reality show premiering tonight entitled "Being Bobby Brown."
Part of the reason that a show has been created around him is because of his "bad boy ways" which includes domestic violence!!! Is it just me, or do y'all think it is VERY WRONG that he should profit (in part) off of his admitted acts of domestic violence? This just has me sick and I will NOT be watching this show!
Here are a few links to just some of his REPORTED acts of domestic violence:

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Well, first let me say that reality shows in general do nothing for me, and in particular anything created around the bad boy antics of some singer. But whether they interest me or not doesn't change the fact that even the concept is SICK! I have not followed the links, only in part because I'm in my office, and follow almost no links here -- just in case -- I think I'll take your word for the detail.
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I really don't see how this any different than someone like Jerry Springer having a show. All Springer's show did was hightlight disfunction and encourage fighting amongst the guest. Was it fake? Who knows. But as long as, people are willing to watch complete trash on TV this what we'll be stuck with.

And it can't be any worse that that blooming Britney and Kevin show that Britney Spears had. Some how I find it just a revolting that a home breaker (and yes that how I view her as Kevin had children with the other woman.)got her own show.

This is exactly the reason I don't watch much TV. It seems to keep going down hill.
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I was wondering why there was a story about him on CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2005/SHOWBIZ/TV/0....ap/index.html

He's a creep and a criminal. Just because he sings doesn't make him any better or different than any other creep and criminal.
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It makes me sick to see people getting richer for doing bad things. They should be punished, not rewarded.
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I've lost all respect for Whitney over the last few years. Her defense of his actions and sticking up for him after he hit her are just sickening.
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I fail to see why this country idolizes people like Bobby Brown. I just don't get it
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Originally Posted by HannahJ
I've lost all respect for Whitney over the last few years. Her defense of his actions and sticking up for him after he hit her are just sickening.
I don't really have much respect Whitney for other reasons, but not particularly for sticking up for him after he's repeatedly abused her....that is very typical of women who have been battered....I actually keep her in my prayers in hope that she finds the strength to leave his sorry a** one day!
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I'm with you, Amy. I have no respect for abusers of any kind.
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Its sad all the way around what famous people can get away with..
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I don't watch reality shows, PERIOD, because it would only jade my view of the human race even more. I watch sci-fi and fantasy stuff cuz it's way happier...

Anyways re: Bobby Brown, yuck, bleck, puke. I've witnessed Whitney's downfall and that turd is mostly to blame; her love for him has blinded her. I feel for her.

Hollywood gets by with so many weird and dark things nowadays. I guess there are people out there who love watching train-wrecks like this. Blah!

I'd rather watch Cartoon Network.
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