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What an absolutely beautiful young couple you make. Best wishes for a long, happy life together.

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wow Pearly - what sensational photos of a beautiful bride and handsome groom - and of course a special gorgeous Hobbes

looks like the day was magnificent (i didnt know you were getting married!!)

CONGRATS to you both
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Gorgeous photos, congratulations! Here's hoping you have a long and very happy life together
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Oh Pearly!!!!! I haven't spoken to you in ages. Your pictures are just gorgeous! Oh boy, did that day come in a hurry!! I love the pic of Hobbes especially! I just got goosebumps seeing these and knowing how happy you must be!
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Oh those are fabulous photos - looks like you had an really amazing day! Oooo i'm so jealous! You look utterly stunning
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Wonderful to finally see your wedding photos! You and Johnny were beautiful and such a pretty cake. (Now I want a piece of cake!)

I can understand why Hobbes wasn't at the ceremony, but it was so cute to have him wear a bow tie for the pic!

Many happy years to both of you. And Hobbes, too, of course!
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You, the dress, the rings, the CAT , your new hubby, all of the pics!!!
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You look Marvlousssssssssssssss Darling, all the pictures were so Beautiful, including the hobbes, Congrats and I hope you have a very Wondeful Life together
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Aw I love all the picture! Looks like you all had a wonderful day.
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Aww you had such a beautiful wedding It brings back memories.

I hope you had a GREAT TIME, and took leftovers back from the qwedding, it was all so beautiful, Mrs. Pearly Leon!
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You looked so beautiful! What a great looking groom and family! I love your invitations! I looked at some very similar to that while I was planning my wedding.

Your photographer did an incredible job - you must be thrilled!

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Hi Hobbester!

Your wedding pictures are the most beautiful I have seen in a long while!! Your dress, ring, cake, everything!!! How absolutely moving!! I love your kitty too!! He looks just like our Dubya. We have a 4 year old orange and white tabby too!! We have four kitties and I am married to DaddyCat so you can see the pictures under his signature here on the CatSite.

Again, congratulations on your marriage! You guys make a wonderful couple and I pray that God blesses you guys each and every day!
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What a gorgeous wedding! You two looked great on your special day. And your pictures are amazing. Can I borrow your photographer for my wedding next year!!
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Congratulations and thank you for the lovely pictures! You look amazing in your wedding dress too!

This picture is stunning:

Originally Posted by Hobbester
Fall came early?
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