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A sad Day

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Hi all. I sorry i have been gone for so long but alot has happened in my life !!! I have moved and satred a new job and have been helping find homes for unwanted animals and caring for the sick.....
But i wanted to share with you some sadness that is breaking my heart endlessly on July 1st 2005 I have to put to sleep my cat Tigger who has been with me for 18 1/2 yrs and as i write this the tears are really coming out fst so if i make a mistake PLEASE for give me ..
Tigger's kidneys are failing and there is nothing we can do for her shes lost alot of weight and cries out everytime we try to cuddle with her but I think deep down inside she knows whats happening as when its just her and I she comes and cuddles up to my chest and just looks at me...Tigger and i shared alot of happy times through our 18 plus yrs together she always there for me when i was having a bad day or when i just need a friend and a true friend she was , I could write forever about her but the tears flow even harder as I think of all the good times i have had with her , I know tomorrow is going to be the toughest day but i will have my family with me when we say goodbye and believe it or not it's even my husbands 42nd birthday what a way to celebrate a birthday !!!!!
Well i need to end this before i soak my keyboard but before i go i want to THANK all you out there for taking the time to read this and i hope to get on here more now that im settled in my new home and be able to make some great friends...
Thanks Again ,
Tiggers Mom
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I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my cat 2 mos ago due to her kidneys failing. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Oh, Kim, how difficult this must be! Poor Tigger! It is so hard when they have such pain. You must be a great Meowmie to have Tigger live such a full life. If only there were more caring people like you in this world.

Peace to you as you help Tigger tomorrow. I know firsthand how hard it is!
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You poor person, it really is a hard decision to make, but it is the final act of kindness we do for our furbabes. You must be a brilliant mum to have got a cat to 18 1/2 years, and you are letting her go now she is suffering even though it will break your heart. Big hugs to you, it is good you will have your family with you
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you are about to do the most unselfish act anyone of us could do for our beloved kitties - bless you for helping guide her to the bridge and away from all her pain... its hard, and I shed a tear for you all at this time, but Tigger knows that this is an act of love, that your doing this for her regardless of your own personal feelings.

Tigger will no longer be in any pain, she will be chasing all those butterflies and running through the green grass... she will continue to do this until you meet again and you can cross the bridge together

Please know that we are all here for you during this time whether you need a shoulder to cry on or someone just to chat too.

RIP sweet angel Tigger - enjoy those wings
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My heart goes out to you, your family and your sweet angel. I have been where you are and share your grief and pain. May you all be strong for each other.
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My Charley was 18 and half when I had to make the same decision... I'm sure she'll welcome Tigger to the Rainbow Bridge.

You're in my thoughts.
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You are proving how much you truly love Tigger by releasing her from her earthly pain, even though your is just starting. May she play happily at the bridge until the time comes for you to be with her. My heart goes out to you in your grief.
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Kim, I am so sorry to hear about Tigger.

She is in a better place now. You gave her a wonderful life and a best friend while she was here, and that's the greatest thing ever!

My heart goes out to you and I pray for strength for you and your family in this difficult time.
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I'm so sorry to hear about tigger. I am sure she is looking down on your right now, purring and pain-free, sending her love.

RIP sweet little girl.
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Condolences on your loss, but thank-you for having the courage to give up your cat so that she might have a peaceful passing over the Bridge. Tigger and Mike-Smith's Jimmy were about the same age, so maybe they'll meet up in the "TCS section" of Heaven!! And maybe they will meet my dear friend, Natalie Grace, who so loved cats but wasn't allowed to own very many - I'm sure that Grace will tend & love all of our kitties till we get to join them.
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