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My poor Kitty..

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I know I haven't been on here in a long while.. but here is a small story about my little girl.. My poor kitty, she was an from Heaven.. A year and a few months ago I found her in my mother's backyard. I took her in and gave her a second chance at life.. The vet said she was Feline Leukemia positive.. and she may not live past a year which mad me really because of all the trouble I went through to save her life this terrible disease is killing her. Now a year has past and she has taken serious ill.. she was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer.. and the vet gave her medicine and it doesn't do much for her.. she hasn't been eating for a month now just water here and there.. she has to go back today to the doctor.. because she has me very worried.. and also has black yuck coming out from her mouth and nose.. I have no clue to what that is.. but we will soon find out today.. But I'm proud to have and to have had her in our life.. she was one of a kind.. I guess that is all I have for now..
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I hope she will be ok -- I've read that feline leukemia positive cats can live long lives.... So, I hope this is the case for yours, too, and that you have many wonderful years ahead of you!
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q - I am sending kitty prayers your way. Please let us know how you make out.
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Bless you for guarding this little angel and giving that second chance. She knows the love you have for her. I pray that she's OK. Please keep us updated.

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