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Petition to Stop Canned Hunting

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Please help crack down on canned hunting!

If you don't know what a canned hunt is, you're not alone. The folks who run these operations don't want people like you to see them -- ever. That's because the operators of canned hunts charge trophy hunters a fee to shoot captive, exotic animals at close range. Many of these so-called hunters have little experience with a rifle. The animal suffering can be extreme.

Urge your U.S. senators and representative to crack down on the more than 1,000 commercial canned hunting operations across the country, which allow trophy hunters to kill exotic animals such as African lions, giraffes and blackbuck antelope who never even have a chance to escape. There is neither sportsmanship here nor ethics, only a desire to make money off the killing of captive animals.

Ask your senators and representative to co-sponsor the Sportsmanship in Hunting Act of 2005 to halt the interstate traffic of exotic animals for the purpose of hunting and trophy collecting.

Please sign the petition:
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What a SICK and SADISTIC practice!!
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Hmm, not too sure if this other bit of information would make you more but a large amount of this hunting is due to tax purposes.

What is done is that the person would hunt for the animals, get it appraised at a high valuation then donate the trophy to museums and get the tax write off for the amount donated. But while one may get a high valuation, it is not possible to just generate figures that are too high therefore, the focus is usually on more exotic and rarer animals so it is possible to get a higher valuation.
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Sometimes these petition sites work, and sometimes they don't. I would strongly encourage everyone to write an email or fax to your personal representatives if you feel strongly about this.

Canned hunting is barbaric and cruel, no matter the reason behind it. It isn't sport hunting, it isn't even real hunting. It's slaughter, pure and simple.
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That is horrific - I knew that kind of thing used to take place, in India and Africa when elephants etc would be driven in front of the 'hunters' and shot. But I did not know it still happened.
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signed... poor animals... idiotic humans..
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Though I'm not totally anti-hunting (my hubbie does it), and I wouldn't do it myself...that canned hunting stuff's a bunch of crap! If you're skilled enough with a rifle or bow and arrow, and you EAT the stuff you shoot, then that's fine. There's no excuse for people who can't find the time to do learn how to do it the right way. Arrrgh!
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Oh, that is horrible! Just horrible. Words are inadequate-oh this needs to be stopped!
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Stupid people.
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How low can human beings go?! I am not anti-hunting, though I have never done it myself. The people that I know that hunt eat what they kill, and use every part that they can find a use for.
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How is this even a question? This is a travesty. Why would anyone in their right mind think this is ok?
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Originally Posted by Rockcat
How is this even a question? This is a travesty. Why would anyone in their right mind think this is ok?
It's all about the money..He who has the most, wins. And it's usually at the expense of the innocent. Some so-called "humans" think it's o.k. because they feel that if they are rich, it's all about them, & to hell with the victims. They make me sick.
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I am a hunter and I do not approve of the "canned hunts", but we must realize that the phrase "canned" is very subjective, and ranges anywhere from a pen measuring 8 X 10 feet to a fenced enclosure of 50 acres of natural habitat which is quite a different story.

There is a duck shooting operation about 75 miles from here where the ducks have been trained, at the blast of a horn, to fly down the edge of the lake, past shooting stations, to a feeding platform where a small amount of food has been deposited, and then after a set time, a horn will sound from the other end of the lake, and the ducks (assuming some are left) will fly to the other feeding station, and hunters pay so much per duck.

A similar situation is found at the ubiquitious trout pool in all the touristy spots, but alas, the poor fish is a constituency without voice, and everyone knows that "fish can't feel pain".

This is a "feel-good" issue and all ramifications will never be fairly presented or represented.

I will turn 73 soon, and I can forsee the day when I might consider posting in a 25 or 30 acre fenced enclosure of "natural habitat" and waiting for one of the captive animals to, imprudently, show up.

This is also a gender oriented thing, and for women to try and understand the driving instinct of men to hunt, under any circumstance, is similar to men who claim they try to understand the working of a woman's mind.

There are none so blind as those who refuse to see, nor any so ignorant as those who refuse to learn.

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I don't think it's a gender oriented thing, at leas this particular issue. Most of the men in my family hunt and all of them, especially my stepdad (who hunts the max. amount of deer that he can each year) thinks this sort of thing is totally ridiculous. He's an avid hunter and believes firmly that people should have to work for their hunt- not just have someone basically hand it to them because their hunting skills are subpar. There is more to hunting than just shooting a killing. In Indiana the "canned hunt" issue is going to be voted on soon- the types of canned hunts they are refering to (at least here) involve ridiculously easy "hunts" where deer are kept in a small enclosed area- not a preserve of any sort. This isn't hunting- it's pure laziness and the antithesis of everything the hunting men in my family stand for.
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Originally Posted by winwin
This is also a gender oriented thing, and for women to try and understand the driving instinct of men to hunt, under any circumstance, is similar to men who claim they try to understand the working of a woman's mind.
This is absolutely not gender-oriented! My boyfriend is a die-hard hunter (and a professional fisherman!) whose family owns 1000 acres of hunting land. So obviously, he is a fan of the sport (BTW, he always assesses the deer population on the land each year and sets up strict guidelines as to which animals are allowed to be harvested and which ones cannot; if, for example, there is an overpopulation of older does, but someone shoots a healthy buck instead, they are ordered to pay a heavy fine; this is the only thing that keeps me from hating all that hunting!!!). However, I talked to him about canned hunting last night and he said that he and all of his hunting buddies wish the practice would stop, too.

So, that argument that this is a gender-oriented thing is out the window because yes, there are men who are disgusted at the idea of a canned hunt. These men derive their manliness, in part, from the sport of hunting. Canned hunting is emasculating to them in a way because how can they prove themselves if the animals are practically handed to them on a silver platter?
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I've signed.. things like this make me so angry
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IMO, canned "hunting" isn't hunting at all. It is simply killing.

Originally Posted by winwin
This is also a gender oriented thing, and for women to try and understand the driving instinct of men to hunt, under any circumstance, is similar to men who claim they try to understand the working of a woman's mind.

Leonard, If you want to think of men as hunters and women as gatherers you may have a point, BUT times have changed. What I DON'T get is killing for the sake of killing. Although I have no interest in hunting myself, as a woman and a former vegetarian (I eat fish now), I have NO PROBLEM with a hunter who respects animals and eats his prey. I don't think this is any worse than eating beef from the butcher. This is NOT to be confused with canned killing.
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Another thing I forgot- there are people that literally farm deer- ie make sure they breed so that they have even more deer for people shoot. Their arguement is that since the deer are their property the DNR has no right to tell them what to do with their property that are on their property. Making more deer really doesn't help the problem.
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I wouldnt hunt simply because I wouldnt eat it. I cant stand deer meat, buffalo, rabbit, duck (eew all dark and stringy, gross). I eat strictly beef and poultry, with a bit of pork. I might try quail or partridge or whatever the smaller birds are one day, but I dont believe in hunting at all unless you are hunting to eat the meat. What happens when the last siberian tiger is on display at a major zoo? Most likely someone will try to get in there to shoot it and kill it, and why? Because its the last of its kind! It would be worth millions! I wish we had a barter system instead of a monetary system, like... Ill trade you four carrots for two tomatoes, I'll fix your roof if you drive me to the market for a month. O_O Stuff should be rationed reasonably. But we could never live in a society like that, not with all the "rich" people. There are too many big rich companies out there...

I do have to confess I absolutely LOVE hunting games though. My favorite one is called Cabella's dangerous hunts, where you are supposed to be hunting for a certain animal, and there are other animals such as leopards, wolves, bears, ox, and boars in the woods that will come out of nowhere and attack you. Even though it's not real I do get a bit of an adrenaline rush from it, like in resident Evil where zombies pop out of the freaking walls (I cannot play that game, it gives me nightmares)

I think they should make a big hunting game network on tvs. They should make it as real as possible, so that a person could show their 30 point buck to their friends accross the world virtually, without having to actually kill something.

Video games give you a thrill without you actually harming anything...
not that I am condoning a video game that depicts really bad violence so that perverts and murderer's dont really go out and kill/rape people O_O

I love to fish though, just something about sitting in a boat or on a dock, watching the clouds and the ducks and the water move is really relaxing, even though I dont eat fish. As a rule for myself I dont go fishing unless someone else is with me and they want to catch fish to eat, otherwise I am content to use non killing hooks which are made of plastic, and I use bread or something similar to put on them. Ive only caught one fish before, and it was three inches long
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