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No more room at the shelter!

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I just found out that our local shelter (humane society) is no longer accepting cats because they are too full and no one is adopting the older cats.

These older cats are absolute darlings and deserve a second chance! If there is anyone in the Peterborough or Kawartha area of Ontario...who is even thinking about getting a kitten, take a look at one of these older cats..and give them a second chance. This shelter is not a no-kill shelter... I can't even bear going in there anymore...if i did i just might try and take them all home.
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That is so sad. But no suprise, that is how many of the shelters are. There are about 10 shelters near me and not a single one is accepting cats or dogs at the moment. At my shelter, we always try to feature a few older cats. Like we set up one of those huge 3 level cages and put an older cat or two in it as the feature or cat of the month. In the newspapers too. We also have a cat playroom and an outside cage that is taller then a person and we put some older cats in it too.

If there are any oppertunities to feature a pet at a nearby petstore or if the humane society doesn any fundraisers, always feature the older cats. They sometimes seem to go faster this way. I know when I worked at the Humane Society here we had an oppertunity to take 2 cats and 3 dogs to the local news station to be on the 6 o'clock news. We had tons of calls for those animals while we were on the air, and these were animals that have been at the shelter for months and no one was interested. As soon as you make the animal look special, everyone wants it.
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At our shelter www.kittensandcats.org C.A.T.S. we are on one of the local TV stations once a week and on another once every 2 weeks. The cats on TV always get adopted within a day or two of their stardom. I wish we could get on more so we could fine our cats homes quicker. We are a no-kill so we can only take in as many as we can adopt out. We usually have around 60 cats in site with the ones in ISO andall but that doesn't count the fosters waiting for room.
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That is such a sad situation. There are so many cats & kittens looking for good homes, and sometimes I think people don't realize that they really do have room for more. I wish that more people believed in neutering their pets. After all, kittens and puppies are only babies for a very short while, then they're cats & dogs forevermore.
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The cats do get a blurb on tv every once and awhile. The sad part is you know that the older cats that are turned om are put down (and the people that turn them in must know this). There are never cats older then 2 or 2.5 years at this shelter. Which is so terribly sad. My friend just rescued a 9 year old cat named billy when his owner died....and the cat just adores my friend. I think the feeling is mutual. And he has plenty more years and love to give. At least if you adopt an older can you can get some idea of the temperament they will have and what situations they can and can't handle.

I just keep praying and my fingers crossed....here's hoping.
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It is very sad to think of the numbers of animals that die every day due to overpopulation. Somehow, we must stop the continual breeding of these animals! It breaks my heart to look in my cats eyes, and know that somewhere there is an identical looking cat facing euthanasia.

Please, spay and neuter your pets!
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I just came home from our local shelter, and it also is full of cats/kittens....
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That's so sad
I have a simular story to tell as well One of our local shelters The Erie County SPCA is now killing Cats and Dogs because they are as well full I would adopt myself but I have four. For those who are looking for a cats or dogs in the Niagara area the Erie County SPCA can be reached at
(716) 731-4368

Rest in peace to all the cats and dogs that have already gone

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Our local shelter puts down around 30 cats each day. Luckily we were able to make an arrangement with an agency that rescues all of our puppies, but have found no one to help with the cats. But, later this month we will be taking highly socialized adult cats to PetsMart for adoption. Sadly, this will be only a small number of the cats that are surrendered to the shelter daily. (Surrendered for assinine reasons such as "we're moving and can't take the cat", or my favority "we don't want her any more because she keeps having kittens!")
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Originally Posted by lotsocats
"we don't want her any more because she keeps having kittens!")

OMG Someone really said that!??? I think i would lose it if i heard that!!
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Originally Posted by lotsocats
reasons such as "we're moving and can't take the cat", or my favority "we don't want her any more because she keeps having kittens!")
I can't give people like that the time of day Especially when they move and leave them behind.

Would they leave a child behind like that?!. Planks!!
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