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Well Fez is soooo much beter, he is starting to look like an actual kitten and i cant feel his ribs anymore!!!!

When I brought him home i put a litterbox, food,and water in my spare room for him since he was to small and weak to get to the food on the washer where i normally keep it. Now that he is better, I made little steps for the kittens so they can get to the food on the washer. But how do I teach him where the new place for the food is. I could put him up on the washer, but im scared he wont see the steps i made and might try jumping off the washer.
He is a little timid so i couldnt lead him up the steps, i will definitly try, but i know i wont be able to. So any suggestions??

Also I want to move the litterbox that is in the spare room back in the bathroom. I have seen him use the other box in the bathroom so i dont think that will be a problem....will it? Thanks!
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I don't think the litter box will be a problem, once you remove the one in the bedroom, your kitten should hopefully use the other one, give it a try !

As for feeding, could you not place the food on the floor so they can get to it easier ? How old are the kittens ? I'm a worrier when it comes to my kittens - I even make sure the toilet seat is down, just in case ! so personally, would have kept the food on the floor.
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Thanks for the reply! The reason i dont want the food on the floor is cause i have 3 indoor dogs. They will definitly try and eat the food if i put it on the floor. One of my other kittens already goes up on the washer no problem, its just Fez that hasnt done that. Maybe I will just wait, but the food keeps getting knocked over and i have to keep my eye on the dogs all the time to make sure they dont eat it. I could put the food on the cat tree which Fez climbs, but it is a little wobblie so im scared they might knock the food bowls off.
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I had a feeling you were going to say that !!

Why dont you give it a try and watch him for the first few times ? and if you don't think he can do it, carry on feeding him in the bedroom till you can trust him ?
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