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Help-urine on down comforter

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Hi Yall!

Well, it's 110% my fault that this happened. Yesterday Mini spent the entire day 7:30am-7pm in our bedroom without a litterpan! Total fluke... I always make sure none of the cats are in the room if I close the door, and yesterday I forgot. Poor thing *had* to urinate so she did so on our down comforter.

I saturated the area with Nature's Miracle for Cats, laid it over a drying rack in the guest room, with the fan on high. This morning it was basically dry but the smell was still there a little bit.

Should I take it to the dry cleaners? Or should I try Urine-Off?

Thoughts??? Help!
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Is it machine washable? I have had washable stuff urinated on, and the washing machine always does the trick for me.
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unfortunately washing's not an option w/down, at least I wouldn't risk it.

Did you check both sides to see if the Nature's Miracle soaked thru to the back? If soaking it once was that successful, I might just try a second round, maybe let it sit for a bit longer this time to be sure it pulls the odor.

And people say cat's don't know how to communicate! Poor Mini sure made a statement with her choice of location!!! Don't feel bad, I've done it too. The night my mom passed away the pastor's wife stayed with me, and helped me put some laundry away. Almost 48 HOURS later, I discovered my poor Midnight kitty had been accidentally closed in the tiny linen cupboard. Luckily there were some sheets stacked on the floor, so I didn't have to wash the carpet, and the closet doesn't smell.
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You could try rubbing it with white vinegar, then using the enzymatic cleaner to remove any smell the cats might pick up on.
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