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Poor old Fred!

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Every morning after I feed the kits, I let Fred outside to do his business, since he does not like to use the litterbox any more. Yesterday morning, half asleep, I did not even notice that it was raining buckets, and my yard was flooded. I pened the door for him to come in, and no Fred! After a little while, I got out the umbrella and went looking for him. I can blow my car horn, and he will usually come running. I heard him howling, and was horrified to see him jump down from the gas tank of the neighbor's truck. That is how I think Georgia got killed, jumping from there while it was moving. The yard was an inch deep in water, but he ran up on to the porch. He was not even mad at me for making him get all wet. He just wanted to be cuddled all day, and this morning. I let him out, but watched him from the window. I guess I have to keep an eye on him in the morning now.
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Poor Fred! At least he got a whole day of cuddles out of it!
He must of looked like a drowned rat...

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Awwww, poor Fred!

I bet he didn't like that weather too much! It might make him rethink the litter tray!

I think he knew he would get all the cuddles, though, if he came in a soggy moggy!
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Poor Fred ! I'm surprised he went out.

My Peke hates the rain so much that if she rings the bells in the morning to go out and I open the back door for her (there's a ramp off the deck for her) she'll look out then back up like "I'm not going out there!" However, knowing exactly what will happen if she doesn't I'm like "Oh, yes you are!" and plunk her outside the door. Generally speaking once in the rain she becomes resigned to her fate and runs off the deck as fast as she can to do her business .
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I'm glad you came to is rescue!!
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