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Does anyone know much about computers? I have a huge problem - I NEED to open some pdf files for a paper for one of my classes, and something is wrong with adobe. I have always had adobe 6.0 and it has always worked until now - when I try to open a file, all that happens is my computer freezes up. So I tried saving the file, and then opening up adobe to open it that way, but adobe reader won't even open - when I click on the icon, I get an hourglass for about 15 seconds, and then nothing! I tried uninstalling 6.0 and downloading 7.0, and the same thing is happening. I can't find anything on the adobe troubleshooting page about this problem. Does anyone have any idea about what I could do to fix this? I'm freaking out here because I need to write this paper, ahhhh.
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Have you tried opening another .pdf file?
I need to know if it is all .pdf files that you have a problem with, or just that one.

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Oh yes, I've tried several, all with the same result.
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You more than likely need to upgrade to the newer version 7.0 you can do to their main website to do so.
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Silly question, have you tried rebooting?
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While you are trying this, shoot an email to your prof and explain the problem. I work in an academic department and profs are way more understanding if you let them know ahead of time "Im having problems opening this file but Im working on a solution." That way it doesnt sound like a "my cat shredded my homework" excuse if you can't deliver on time and you can get an extension if you need one.
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If you would like someone else to try opening the files, shoot me a PM.
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Oftentimes the AcroRead32 will "hang" - rebooting helps, or "End task" on the task manager will do in a pinch if you can't/don't want to reboot
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I did upgrade to 7.0, and unfortunately the same thing is happening with it as with 6.0.

Yes, I've rebooted, and it makes no difference, it still doesn't work.

Yeah, I think I'm going to have to do that. Figures, I have a lot of really cool profs, and this one guy is a real *** - of course it's my luck he'd be the one I'd have to explain this to.

Deb, thank you so much for offering, but there are like 15 huge files from my university's psycinfo database that I need to open, and there's no way I want to impose on anyone to open all those files, but you are so sweet to offer, thank you!

The thing is, when I hit control alt delete and bring the task manager up, adobe doesn't even appear in the list for me to be able to end the task - there's nothing there.
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I´m so sorry... i´m not a genious...Just only want to wish you Good Luck with this..
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Which Windows version are you running? In XP, the task manager has several "pages", and sometimes a program looks like it's not running on the Applications page, but if you go to the Processes page, it's there.

Not that it helps.

Do you have another program that will import the PDF file as a graphic image? I use Pagemaker, and I can import a PDF file directly, without using the reader.
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Is it ALL .pdf files, or just this particular one? I was running into a similar problem before Sunny put together a new computer for me and upgraded the OSs on both our machines to Windows XP from Win98. Just this one particular file on the site would always freeze my computer. The others would read fine. However changing your OS is sort of an extreme solution.

Mom to Narsil, Mithril and Kellie da Peke
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I know I am working at a different site for the summer, and the girl who I am filling in for has a similar issue with Adobe on her computer. It will not open anything, and doesn't even show up in the task manager. She actually sent her whole computer in to the district for repair, and nobody there could figure it out either!

I am wondering if you can send the files to yourself in an email and then access them via another computer, like at a public library or your college.
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Are you using a pop-up blocker? Don't ask me why, but I often have to turn off my pop-up blocker before opening pdf files, because otherwise it "hangs".
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One other option you can try is an freeware called gsview which will open postscript and pdf files. It is available at . This page gives instructions. You will want the win32 version.

Good luck.
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Another question: Do you have the 5.0 version? I've noticed that some files I open still use the old version (I've got 5.0, 6.0. and 7.0 on my computer).
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Ahhhhh! I downloaded gsview, and it's letting me view the files! Thank you guys all SOOOOOO much, could not have solved this without you guys, thank you, thank you, thank you!
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Originally Posted by Juniper
Ahhhhh! I downloaded gsview, and it's letting me view the files! Thank you guys all SOOOOOO much, could not have solved this without you guys, thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am so glad it works. Acrobat Reader has gotten flaky over the years. I know you'll do a great job on the paper.
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