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Little Miss has cancer...

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I found out yesterday...Little Miss has cancer.
The vet called and told me that the cyst that was removed off of her leg, was cancerous. I go in to see him with her tomorrow, so we will discuss it more in depth than. He said that they usually form back, but not always, but that he didnt want me to have false hope that everything is ok, and that we needed to watch the area. He said that if it comes back again, we need to think about more agressive amputating her leg. I am so torn. Shes only about 3 years old. And I am devestated. I took her in in January for this place on the leg, where it looked like another animal had tried to get her when she was a stray. They cleaned and covered it, gave me an antibiotic and sent me home with proper care instructions. A few days before she went in for her spay, I came home and there was blood everywhere, where her leg had started bleeding. So, I asked the vet check it out while they were spaying her because she didnt want you near it while she was awake. They removed a cyst, which was sent off for the biopsy. It came back that the cyst was cancerous. I dont know if it has spread to other tissues is her body. I dont know if it would or not. I know nothing about it until tomorrow. Except for the fact that it can keep growing back in the same place. And if it does, we have to discuss other options.
I dont want to amputate her leg if she will suffer because I am being selfish about not wanting to give her up. But I do not want to have them put her to sleep if she can have a long and fulfilling life. The issue is, to constantly keep removing cysts from her leg, is not wise in the fact that she had a bad time coming out of the anathesia after her spay, and spent all night in an incubator. So, I have to do whats best for Little Miss. Has anyone experienced this before? What about a leg amputation?
Please send good vibes and prayers our way. Thanks so much. We have to get through this.
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My cat Marshallow had to have his ear removed because there was a cancerous ulcer on it. He did just fine without his ear flap, and looked all the cuter as well.

Cats can do JUST FINE with three legs. I'm sure Hissy will be around to tell you about her tripod. Having Little Miss's leg amputated might save her a lot of pain in the long run. I know that when we finally removed Marshy's ear, he was much more playful and much less lethargic overall.

Good luck to you.
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Oh, that is very sad! I would say go with the vets best judgement. But if the tumor comes back, have them amputate at that time. Animals can do very well with 3 legs.

I have a friend with a miniature collie who is missing a leg, and honestly it took me several hours to realize it! It must be difficult for you to look at your beatiful kitty, of course you don't want to have to amputate. But if necessary, she will do fine as a three-legged cat!

And if the vet is already aware of her difficulty with anestetic, they may be able to use something different. I'm sorry you are going through this. Prayers that it NEVER comes back!
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Oh Diane i'm so sorry! She's still a baby at 3 years old!.

Me personally i would let them amputate if it came back again because she's young, and like the others have said they can manage fine with 3 legs!.

Keep us updated.
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Aww, the poor baby. I personally would leave it till the cyst comes back and then consider amputation, i wouldnt keep putting her through ops to have cysts removed. Cats can do fine with three legs, although you will have to watch her weight - you can search the net for articles on three legged cats to put your mind at ease.
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Thank you for all of your vibes! Its so great to not have to hear...shes just a cat. She is not. Shes my baby.
I will amputate if it comes back, if the vet thinks that is what needs to be done to stop her pain. I am not even concerned that she will lose a leg in the sense of the way it will look. I think she will still be beautiful, and even more special than she already is. The surgery to remove the leg is a bit overwhelming, because I worry for her, but not the fact that she wont be perfect anymore. I love her no matter what, you know?
I just dont want her in pain. And I do not want to continue to do numerous cyst removals. Thanks so much for your help, and support. My husband and I really need it right now. I will definitely keep updating you guys.
I went home after I found out, and picked her up, and cried while I held her....and she looked at me with her clear green eyes, and I knew that I have to do what is best for my little calico baby. Shes a mama, too, and even though her babies are weaned, they still need her sometimes. And she does trust me, so because of that I have to do what will be beneficial to her. And living in pain is not the answer. We will amputate if thats what it takes to make her 100% again. I hope to make her 115%! I dont care what it costs. My husband offered to sell his prized truck if we needed the money, and my sister and her new boyfriend, who is my husbands best friend for over 15 years, offered to help me pay for it. And my parents have offered more emotional support than I could ask for. They know this is a big deal to me because they have 9 cats of their own.
Thanks so much, just keep your vibes coming that we get her through this and well again.
And Marshmellow really is adorable. Missing an ear or not. That just makes him unique.
Thanks again, ya'll!
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It is so good that you have so much support around you right now when you need it. I do hope you can do what is best for Little Miss - you obviously care so much about her.
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It is so good that you have so much support, and that you are willing to put her interests first. I really hope it doesnt come back though.
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Oh gosh, I am so sorry..and I'm glad you did go ahead now with having it biopsied. We went through this quandry with my Ophelia - not exactly the same situation (in her case there was a bone lesion)...our bottom line became typing the cancer, so we could make the best decision based on what the progression rate is etc. We were prepared to amputate if necessary (meaning if early enough and a slow growing cancer). We ended up not doing an amputation, and she is still with us, it is a long story for elsewhere, I don't want to hijack your thread.

So...I would say get all the information you can as to what you are dealing with, (here is a good overall site on feline cancer: click here ) and then make your decisions on how to proceed.
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You & your husband sound like a very loving couple. I am so sorry that Little Miss is having this trouble. I will be praying for the three of you.
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My goes out to you and Little Miss. I will include Little Miss in my prayers. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for no more cysts, no more surgeries, & no amputation.
Whatever happens, at least you know there is an option that will keep your baby having her best life. It may be with one less leg, but it will all be worth it & right.

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I am soooo sorry to hear about that!!!

Sending vibes and prayers Little Miss's way.
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Oh, I'm sorry to hear about poor Little Miss. You have my thoughts, prayers, and healing vibes. Do keep us posted on your little girl.
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I will say my prayers too
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Little Miss had a follow up with the vet today. I actually got to talk to the doctor about it. A little background on Little Miss: I adopted her from a co-worker who found her in her backyard. My co-worker took her to her vet and had her tested for feline luekemia and gave her the vaccinations, and then I took her home with me. I had only had her home a few minutes when I noticed that on the back of her left hock, the skin and fur was ripped away, and I could see the bone, and it was bleeding. On top of that, the next morning, I noticed what looked like rice kernels on the blanket she slept on, and knew they had to be worms. So, I scooped some up, put them in a bag, put her in the carrier and took her to my vet. It turned out she had tape worms, and they gave her all of the other necessary shots, and they also gave her the tape worm medication in a shot form. They cleaned and bandaged the leg, gave me Clivomax antibiotic and sent me home. 2 weeks later, she went back for the second tape worm shot, and everything seemed fine with the leg. 2 weeks after that, I discover that Little Miss is pregnant. It was about 1 month later that she had her kittens. And right before her spay, I found blood in my bathroom floor and where she was laying. Little Miss is a talker, and she had been pretty quiet, so I was doubly concerned.

So, my vet seems to think that the cancerous tissue was always there, but because of the injury, and the regrowth of the tissue there, it caused the cancer to flare up much quicker than what it normally would have. So, he removed the tumor, and he said that its a kind of cancer that is pretty localized, so the it is unlikely that it spread. And he also said that just in the past week, the leg has healed up pretty nicely, so next Friday, she gets her spay stitches and her leg stitches out. He said the if it in "remission" for at least 6 months, the chances of it forming back are slimmer, but not totally gone. So, we have to wait and see. The longer we go without it growing back, the safer we are that it wont ever come back. We just have to watch the leg. But the vet did say that it was a very disappointing biopsy because he said its rare for a young cat like Little Miss to have this type of cancer, and that he thinks the above situation with the injury to her leg helped progress it along. But overall, shes healthy, and at this point, cancer free. I just hope we can make it for the next year without it coming back.
Thank you all for your prayers and your thoughts and your good vibes. It means the world to us. And I know Little Miss appreciates it. And if we have to amputate, than thats what we'll do. One look into her clear emerald eyes, and ya'll would agree. She has got so much love to give, and I am going to make sure that she gets a long life to give out.
Thank you again. Your support is amazing. And so appreciated.
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I've just seen this thread. I am sorry to hear Little Miss has gone through so much, but am glad to hear she is at the moment cancer free!!
Sending lots of cancer free vibes to Little Miss!!!
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Diane...thanks for the detailed information about Little Miss.
She is a lucky little girl that you & you husband adopted her.
I am glad that she is so doing well.
Your sweetie pie will remain in my prayers.
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Oh, I am so sorry. I really don't have any good advice to give, as I have no experience with this, but I wanted to say how sorry I was, and that I will be keeping you guys in my thoughts and sending lots of vibes that the cyst does NOT grow back and that Little Miss stays cancer free!
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I just saw this thread tonight, and wanted to wish you the best. I've had at least 8 tripods (missing one leg) over the past 5 years, and currently am owned by 3. All get along fabulously without the "defective" limb, so if amputation DOES become necessary, don't think she'll have any less quality of life. You'd be amazed how quickly, and well, they adjust.
Hang in there, and keep giving them all lots of love
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Aw Little Miss is in my thoughts.
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Oh, I'm sooo sorry. I had a cat named LM (loud mouth) and he was in an accident and had to have his leg removed; he was three. He came home and learned to walk almost immediately (front leg-including shoulder). He loved to run on the hardwoods and slide like a child after the surgery. He died many years later of stomach cancer. Isn't it sad that our pets get the same diseases? My thoughts and prayers are with you and Little Miss.
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Good that it is sounding promising at the moment, hears to many more cancer free years.
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I am so sorry!
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Thank you guys so much for your prayers and kind words. And my husband and I had decided that we would amputate before we would keep putting her through numerous cysts removals that would be difficult for her to recover from. And if feel so much better, and she is being so spoiled at this point! She goes in friday to have all of the stitches removed...and I am so glad that we had this done, and the biopsy. And thank you all so much for your vibes and prayers, I truly do think that they help out tremendously.
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I'm sending vibes and saying prayers for Little Miss that the cancer doesn't ever grow back. I'm glad she has a meowmy and daddy who care so much about her.
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Sending tons of *healing vibes* and I hope Little Miss stays cancer free!
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There is a great site that outlines the narratives of cats who cope with cancer (wish I could recall the url but if you type in "cats" "cancer" in google and "stories", it should come up.

I am so sorry for what you and she are enduring! However, cats live great lives with three legs. In fact, they handle it better than we do. There are many tripod kitties everwhere leading happy and healthy lives.

Wishing you the best of luck with the surgery!! Hugs!!
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