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Moving Day...Need Kitty Advice!

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Hi Everyone,

I'm soooo excited today...it's my MOVING DAY! YAY! My bf and I are moving into a bigger apartment, closer to our work and in a really, really nice area. We even hired movers so hopefully the move will be less stress than usual...but I doubt that Moving is stressful period. Even more stressful for Pepper! We don't have a vehicle so a friend of ours is going to give Pepper and I a ride over to the new apartment. I refuse to take Pepper on the subway,it's loud and full of strangers. I can't put her through that! She's not very fond of car rides but it's the best senerio (sp?). Do anyone have an advice on how I can make this move less stressful for her? How to make the new apartment not seem so foreign and strange to her? Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Could I also get some "good moving" vibes coming our way? I have a feeling we are going to need some!
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Congratulations on the move! Well, here's some suggestions to help make this easier on ur cat-

Use feliway spray on the carrier and also spray in the new apt. If u can, get feliway plug in and in 1 room where ur cat will be.

Before u bring the cat in, make sure to put her familiar stuff (toys, condo, scratching post, ec) in 1 room (recommend a quiet place).. When u bring the cat, immediately put her in that room with the door closed until things have quieten down (movers leaving).. She probably WILL be scared at first and hide for a while. Make sure to spend time with her- just be there, talk to her, etc..

When I moved and before I brought the cats to the new apt, I set up all their stuff (cat condo, litterboxes, scratching post and some smelly clothes of mine) in my bedroom FIRST then when I brought the cats to my apt, I put the cats into the bathroom for an hour. That way, friends could move stuff into my bedroom. As soon as my bedroom was done (big furniture put in), I immediately moved the cats into the bedroom with feliway plug ins and closed the door while friends were helping me move stuff into other rooms. I had 2 days off from work so I opened the bedroom door AND let the cats know I was there in the apt. I think that helped the cats. Zebra and Buddy came out of the bedroom the first night. Pepper came out of the bedroom the next morning. Spike REFUSED to come out from under the dresser for TWO DAYS! So it really depends on the cat.

Let us know how it goes! Good luck!
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