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Good vibes for Iris please - vet trip tomorrow

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I've been MIA most of this week because on Monday evening Iris (white/orange kitten) took a tumble, bad enough to warrant a trip to the emergency vet clinic. They aren't sure if Iris just sprained her leg or if she's torn something, but tomorrow we are going for a follow-up appointment with our regular vet to see how she's doing. There's a chance she might need surgery and also a chance that there may be some underlying issues that caused her fall such as liver problems. We'll talk to the vet tomorrow and see about testing that may be available.

In the meantime we have to keep her from doing any jumping, which means crating her for part of the day while we're away. At 7.5 months old she's super active when left to her own devices, which is NOT helping her injury. We also have to keep her separated from Chloe at night (they are too rough while they play) and last night/this morning they were miserable.

Please think good thoughts for our sweet little Iris. She had a rough life before she was rescued and now she's not feeling good. We're hoping surgery or life-long meds won't be necessary - we want her to feel better ASAP! Thanks for reading.
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Sending *Good Vibes* for little Iris trip to the vet!
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sending loads & loads of good healthy healing vibes to Iris from across the ocean

stay strong little one
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lots of good vibes comming your way
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Here's hoping it's nothing serious and that she will be back to playing with Chloe very soon.
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Fingers crossed it is nothing serious.
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(((((healing vibes))))) on their way for little Iris

I hope she's better soon
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Prayers & good vibes for Iris!
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Thank you all so much!!! We just got back from the vet and learned that Iris has a posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) injury. Fortunately that means it will likely heal itself and it will be even better if we continue to keep her contained as much as possible over the next several weeks. We also got a prescription for an anti-inflamatory to help ease her discomfort some. We're so relieved that there is no surgery involved. The vet also said she doesn't believe that there's reason to worry about liver shunts or anything unless Iris shows significantly more pronounced symptoms. What relief!

Again, thank you all - your well-wishes and good vibes are much appreciated.
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That is wonderful news. I am so happy for little Iris & your family.
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Good Luck
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Get well soon Iris! I am pleased it will all be OK for her.
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Get well soon!!
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Thank you very much! It's killing us to have to contain her so much, but if that will help her get better then we'll do it!
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Doing what is best for our kitties can be really tough sometimes. Hang in there ... you can do it. Get well real quick sweet Iris.
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