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HELP! My cat acts like a dog!!

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Please help me! I just got a new kitten and she likes to try to eat food off my plate whenever I sit down to eat. She also trys to climb into the kitchen garbage can all the time to get food out of there. Is this normal behavior? (I squirt her with a squirt gun, but that only works sometimes). Any suggestions?
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Your little one sounds just like my Allie! She was a stray and it took her quite a while to forget what it was like to be hungry. I always told her 'NO' in a very firm voice and sat her down on the floor. Third time I would spray her with the squirt bottle and say 'NO' also. She's very well behaved now.

If she climbs on my counter tops I just have to say 'NO' and she gets down. Same with food on the plates.

Just be patient and firm. Your little one will come around.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the advice Sue! I guess that I just have to be patient and eventually she will stop doing it. I don't say NO or anything when I squirt her, so maybe thats why she keeps doing it. I'm going to try saying no and hopefully that will work.
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Besides not having good table manners yet - have you wormed her at the Vets? She might be 'extra humgry' from needing that done?
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No, I haven't yet...what does that do? I've never heard of that.
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The Vet will give you a pill to give to your kitty to kill off any parasites living in her body such as roundworms. Cats are extra hungry when they have worms as the worms can rob them of their nutrition. Every kitten should be dewormed when you bring it into your home. Good luck with the little
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Once she has been wormed, some cats just do this and need to be trained to stay out of the people food.
I have never found squirt bottles to work well. To keep her from eating your dinner, you just tell her no and put her down every time. It gets old, but it usually works once they get the idea. If she is VERY persistant, you can do this 3 times when you are eating and if she attempts a 4th, you can put her in a carrier until you are done with your dinner.
With the garbage can, you can either get one that is kitty proof or you can get the citrus air freshner and keep a light mist on the top of the garbage and around the can, it should keep her away.
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